What is RTP proxy and how to use it

If you have users that travel frequently or work remotely, installing a VigorBX2000 allows them to communicate with their peers in the office quickly and economically. Smartphones and personal computers can register with the VigorBX2000 as extensions, and make SIP calls to parties located at the SIP trunk site, or any regular telephone through a PSTN trunk.

However, many mobile service providers or wireless hotspots have network address translation (NAT) mechanisms, and the client can only get a private IP address. A private IP is likely to result in call failures that even Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)cannot rectify. This issue is addressed by a new feature called RTP proxy introduced in VigorBX2000 in firmware version RTP proxy helps RTP traffic to traverse NAT by forwarding RTP packets between callers and callees.

To enable RTP proxy, go to IP PBX >> PBX System in the WebUI, and select the "Enable RTP Proxy" checkbox.

Now, we can make VoIP calls through the VPN tunnel!

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Published On:2018-02-27 

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