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USB Thermometer

Temperature Sensor for Vigor Router and VigorAP

Help network administrator to monitor the temperature of the server rack. Connecting DrayTek USB Thermometer to the USB port of Vigor Router and Access Point, read the data from the device's web management page, and get email/SMS notifications for threshold breach.

USB Sesnsor
Temperature Range -40 to 125°C (-40 to 257°F)
Resolution 0.06°C
Accuracy ± 2°C
Dimension 57mm (L) x 18.5mm (W) x 11.5mm (H)
Outer Sensor Cable 1m
Weight 12g (without cable)
Certification RoHS Compliant
Compatible Devices
(Firmware version requirement)
Vigor2135 Series
Vigor2762 Series
Vigor2763 Series
Vigor2765 Series
Vigor2766 Series
Vigor2832 Series
Vigor2862 Series
Vigor2862 LTE Series
Vigor2865 Series
Vigor2865 LTE Series
Vigor2865L-5G Series
Vigor2915 Series
Vigor2927 Series
Vigor2927 LTE Series
Vigor2927L-5G Series
Vigor3912 Series
VigorAP 903

*For the phased-out models : As the software and hardware have stopped updating, the product is not guaranteed to operate normally.