Optimize Connections with Intelligent Routing

Digital Transformation with SaaS/Cloud


Traditionally, many business applications were hosted on private servers located in the company's headquarters, and the use of MPLS to route all network traffic to the central site made this model highly efficient.

Traditional MPLS topology
Traditional MPLS topology

However, as more and more companies adopt SaaS and private/public cloud applications, new technologies are needed to efficiently and dynamically route network traffic to the central site or directly to the cloud.

SD-WAN is the solution to simplify this complex routing scheme. In addition to traditional load balancing and failover functions, SD-WAN improves user experience by specifically targeting interface and application quality.

Auto VPN

DrayTek SD-WAN solution provides the easiest way to setup VPN tunnels from scratch.


  • Select the Hub device
  • Done! VigorACS will automatically create one IPSec tunnel from each Spoke to the Hub.

Full Mesh

  • Done! VigorACS will automatically design and create one IPSec tunnel between each router.

Intelligent VoIP Optimization

From the start of each VoIP call to the end, SD-WAN provides intelligent VoIP optimization.

Based on the Interface quality, SD-WAN intelligently assign the best-quality WAN for VoIP traffics. So whenever making a new call, SD-WAN makes sure you are calling via the best WAN.

VoIP Live Failover

Although already sending via best-quality WAN, SD-WAN still keep monitoring on each live call, and failover to secondary VoIP WAN if still meeting poor call quality.
Every call is logged with MOS score and sent Interface for Network Admin’s reference.

Application Visibility

Gain insights into the data usage across the entire network.

Usage Ranking

In-depth application insights with ranking by application and user ranking

Full Traffic Control with SD-WAN Route Policy

Application/Domain Route Policy

SD-WAN provides complete routing control by allowing Network Admin to specify the desired route for selected applications/domains to make sure the specific routing scenarios can be accomplished.


Failover to another interface when original interface offline,
and failback when possible.

Application Route Policy

Full Control of NAT and Routing

The matched sessions can be NATed or Routed, all under your control. Specially useful if having private/MPLS WAN (requires routed) and direct Internet access (required NATed) at the same time.

In the following scenario, by creating 2 policies to different destinations, VoIP (SIP/RTP) from the same IP phone in branch office can be routed via MPLS WAN when calling the other IP phone in HQ, and NATed via 2nd WAN to the Internet directly.

Components and Topology

Edge Routers Providing Edge Computing
  • Edge routers are physical routers installed in HQ and Branches.
  • Router models selection for different WAN types, including DSL and LTE.
  • Establishing VPN tunnels (IPSec by default) from branches to HQ to form Hub-n-Spoke or Mesh topology.
  • Receiving SD-WAN configurations from VigorACS 3, performing edge computing according to SD-WAN policies, and uploading data to VigorACS3 for monitoring.
VigorACS 3 Server as Orchestrator
  • VigorACS 3 is the central software where network administrators perform configurations, provisioning, and monitoring activity.
  • Multitenant capability made xSP services easy.


NETWORK computing

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