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DrayTek launched New Dual-WAN Router/VPN Gateway - Vigor2962


Vigor2962 is a high-performance Dual-WAN VPN router. Up to 2 ports can flexibly configured as WAN interface to provide load-balancing/failover and improves Internet resilience. Supporting 300k concurrent NAT sessions and 2.4Gbps throughput, it's ideal for bandwidth-demanding environments.

Vigor2926 is a robust VPN server for up to 200 concurrent tunnels, with IPsec VPN throughput up to 900 Mbps. It supports all industry-standard VPN protocols to build LAN-to-LAN and Host-to-LAN VPN, easily connect to HQ either from branches or home. Vigor2962 can also be a management platform for the VigorAP and VigorSwitch in LAN to offer a simple deployment, including auto device discovery, provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance.

About DrayTek

DrayTek is a manufacturer of broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, load-balancing routers, wireless access points, and switches. Our goal is to provide reliable and high-integrated networking solutions at an affordable price, become the reliable networking partner of small and medium-sized businesses.

Press Contacts: press@draytek.com