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DrayTek launched New Dual-WAN Router/VPN Gateway - Vigor2962


Vigor2962 is a high-performance Dual-WAN VPN router. Up to 2 ports can flexibly configured as WAN interface to provide load-balancing/failover and improves Internet resilience. Supporting 300k concurrent NAT sessions and 2.4Gbps throughput, it's ideal for bandwidth-demanding environments.

Vigor2926 is a robust VPN server for up to 200 concurrent tunnels, with IPsec VPN throughput up to 900 Mbps. It supports all industry-standard VPN protocols to build LAN-to-LAN and Host-to-LAN VPN, easily connect to HQ either from branches or home. Vigor2962 can also be a management platform for the VigorAP and VigorSwitch in LAN to offer a simple deployment, including auto device discovery, provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance.

About DrayTek

DrayTek manufactures broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, load-balancing routers, wireless access points, and switches. We aim to provide reliable and highly integrated networking solutions at an affordable price and become the trusted networking partner of small and medium-sized businesses.

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