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802.11ac ceiling-mount VigorAP 910C launched


The DrayTek VigorAP910C enterprise-level ceiling-mount access point requires no additional power supply and offers easy ceiling installation. The built-in high performance IEEE 802.11ac antenna offers reliable transmission and its user friendly interface reduces the burden caused by cumbersome network rollouts. The VigorAP 910C comes with central wireless management software (AP Management) that, when used in conjunction with DrayTek Vigor2925 and Vigor2860 broadband series routers, enables management of multiple access points. Administrators can assign IPs and modify settings via the AP Management settings screen.

Central AP Management

APM provides the 3-step installation, plug-plug-press, and then wireless clients are able to enjoy surfing internet. Moreover, through the unified user interface of Draytek routers, the status of APs is clear at the first sight.

If your network requires several VigorAP units, to centrally manage and monitor them individually as a group will be expected. DrayTek central wireless management (AP Management) lets control, efficiency, monitoring and security of your company-wide wireless access easier be managed. Inside the web user interface, we call “central wireless management” as Central AP Management which supports mobility, client monitoring/reporting and load-balancing to multiple APs. For central wireless management, you will need a Vigor2860 or Vigor2925 series router; there is no per-node licensing or subscription required. For multiple wireless clients, to apply the AP Load Balancing to the multiple APs will manage wireless traffic with smooth flow and enhanced efficiency. The AP management of Vigor2860 and/or Vigor2925 series can support up to 20 nodes of mixed VigorAP 910C, VigorAP 900 and VigorAP 810 wireless access points.

Flexible Network Management

Like all DrayTek routers and VigorAP series, VigorAP 910C is also TR-069 and it can be remotely managed by the VigorACS SI Central Management. When your project requires more than 20 nodes of VigorAP, you can apply the VigorACS SI to manage the massive deployment.

There are many nodes of license for deploying VigorACS SI Central Management. Through “Self-hosted” or “Cloud-based” subscription, the remotely-deployed DrayTek VigorAP wireless access points can be managed for firmware upgrade, real-time monitoring and obtain proper customer care.

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