Why Vigor Router?


Vigor Router is well-known for its abundant features. The router provides VPN of a variety of protocols, firewall, content filtering, load-balancing, triple-play, VoIP, bandwidth management, and a lot more. It's the integrated networking solution for your business.


The software development is based on our proprietary operating system – the DrayOS, it's a closed system, back-door free, providing your network with a high-level of security.


The DrayOS offers the flexibility for customization and feature development. DrayTek has 20+ years of experience in routers and we are open to possibilities to suit your networking needs.


All Vigor Router are manufactured in the headquarter in Taiwan. We take full control over every components of Vigor Router. The production is under strict quality control to ensure a high MTBF, saving your time on RMA.

ISP Approved

DrayTek has always been partnered with ISPs throughout the world. We not only provide the hardware, but also work on being fully compatible with them. We make sure the users are making the most out of their subscribed Internet service.


DrayTek has won countless awards since the first product. 21 of the DrayTek products has won Taiwan Excellence Award, and DrayTek is a 9-time winner of PC Pro Excellence Award for Best Router Brand.

What Makes a DrayTek Router

DrayOS, the soul of Vigor Routers, has become more mature and more powerful since DrayTek established in 1997, and it is still in active development to connect the world!

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