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1. Bridge two Vigor3900's LAN over GRE Tunnel

Since firmware version 1.4.0, Vigor3900 and Vigor2960 support bridging the local network over the GRE tunnel to the remote network. When bridging over GRE function is enabled, all Ethernet traffic, including ARP, DHCP, IGMP, from the selected VLAN will be bridged to the other side of GRE tunnel, just as if there were a physical Ethernet cable between the two routers.

2. Customer Tag and Service Tag

Recent DrayTek routers are compliant with QinQ by extending VLAN tag option to Customer tag and Service Tag. Customer Tag is what we have always supported, and Service Tag is for the ISP to identify traffic from different customers. On the router, Customer Tag and Service tag works differently when you are using Multi-PVC/VLAN configuration for triple-play services, such as IPTV, at the same time.

3. Aggregate WAN's Bandwidth

If you have multiple WAN links, bandwidth aggregation can be achieved by Session-Based Load Balancing. Vigor Router offers two modes for WAN Load Balancing, IP-Based is the default configuration. It divides traffic by IP address, which means all the sessions will take the same WAN interface as long as the source IP/port and destination IP/port are the same.

And Session-Based divides the traffic by session. In the Session-Based mode, the router will distribute the sessions among WAN links, even though they are from the same connection, so the maximum bandwidth it can get will be the combination of all the active WAN.

4. Specify the MAC Address of WAN Interface

This article shows how to specify the MAC address of the WAN Interface on Vigor Router. This is a workaround if your ISP restricts Internet access to their modems by recognizing the MAC addresses, or if you are in a network where the Network Administrator requires registering the MAC address first for a device to get Internet access, which is quite common in dormitories.

5. Set Up Multi-PVC and Open a Virtual WAN Interface

This document demonstrates how to configure the Multi-PVC on Vigor Router for the triple-play services, and open a virtual WAN Interface and allows multiple devices on LAN to use a single IP address for communication with the service provider.

6. Set Up Multi-PVC and Bridge to a LAN Port

This document demonstrates how to configure the Multi-PVC/VLAN on Vigor Router for the triple-play services, in a way that the set-top box (STB) on a specific LAN port can communicate directly to the service provider.

7. Capture Packets on Router's WAN

Having WAN packets would be helpful for support engineers to analyze issues about WAN connection. We can use Wireshark with Port Mirror function of the router to capture the packets on router's WAN. However, Port Mirroring will affect the router's performance, so we should always disable it when not doing packet capture.

To get the router's WAN packet, first, you need to install a packet sniffer tool (e.g., Wireshark) on your computer. Then, follow the steps below to do port mirroring.

8. Prioritize VoIP Traffic by QoS

VoIP traffic does not take much bandwidth; however, a little delay will cause noticeable degrade in call quality. Vigor Router offers VoIP prioritization to prevent VoIP packets from a delay. When 'First Priority for VoIP' enabled, the router will reserve 2 x 88 kbps of bandwidth only for VoIP traffic. If poor quality is detected or there are two ongoing calls, the router will also adjust the bandwidth reserved.

9. Optimize the MTU Size

Optimizing the MTU value on the router's WAN interface can improve performance and avoid issues. This article shows how to find the right MTU size.

10. Using Hardware Acceleration

The multi-WAN models support this on their Ethernet WAN interface for selected models; however, if you turn on Hardware Acceleration,

11. Difference between WAN Connection Detection modes

WAN Connection Detection is for customizing how the router decides if the WAN interface is still alive or not, this will affect how long should the router wait before it activates the failover interface. The detection method can be set in WAN >> Internet Access >> WAN Index Details Page . Vigor Router provides five detection modes: PPP Detect, ARP Detect, Strict ARP Detect, Ping Detect and Always On. (*Strict ARP Detect will be supported in firmware version 3.9.1 and above versions)

12. Add Wireless Internet Connectivity by Wireless WAN

Selected Wi-Fi model support using WAN 2 in wireless mode instead, so that the router can get Internet connectivity from a wireless network or personal hotspot, while still be able to provide Wi-Fi for LAN clients.

13. Troubleshoot the Router's 3G/4G/LTE Connection

If the 3G/4G/LTE connection is not working on your Vigor Router, you may try the following steps to troubleshoot.

14. Track WAN Data Usage by WAN Budget

The WAN Budget application helps Network Admin to manage the data usage in a specific period of time to avoid being charged an overage fee.