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1. Create VigorACS 2 Global Parameter Profile by Sampling

This article shows how to change the configuration by ACS 2 with Global Parameter profile

2. Upgrade VigorACS 2 on Linux

This document demonstrates how to upgrade VigorACS 2 on Linux platform.

3. Upgrade VigorACS 2 on Windows

This document is going to demonstrate how to upgrade the VigorACS 2 on the Windows platform.

4. Restore SQL File to VigorACS 2 Database

This document demonstrates how to restore the backup SQL file to the database of VigorACS 2 on Windows platform and Linux platfrom. Since the column and tables might be different for each version, please make sure the current ACS version is the SAME as the version where we backup the SQL file.

5. Upgrade CPE's Firmware via VigorACS 2

VigorACS allows the network administrator to maintain multiple CPEs effectively. The firmware upgrade is one of the useful features that improve maintenance of lots of devices. ACS provides 3 methods to do the firmware upgrade for more flexible usage.

6. What Can I Do if I Forgot MySQL password?

This article is going to demonstrate what could we do if we forgot the MySQL password.

7. Backup the Database of VigorACS 2

Since version 2.4.0, VigorACS 2 support to create the schedule backup task for your ACS's database; therefore, the system administrator will not need to worry about the sudden event occurred. This document is going to demonstrate how to schedule backup the database of ACS2.

8. Backup and Restore CPE's Config via VigorACS 2

In this note, we will demonstrate how to backup and restore the CPE's configuration by ACS2, how to assure the backup/restore has taken place, and how to find the location for saved configuration files.

9. Reset CPE Password by VigorACS 2

There is no way we can retrieve the router's administration password if it's lost. However, if the device is already managed by VigorACS 2, there are several solutions for this. From VigorACS 2, you may reset the password to default, re-configure the password by device configuration or by the TR-069 parameter.

10. Schedule CPE to reboot periodically via VigorACS 2

This article demonstratses how to configure the Maintenance > Device Reboot profile on VigorACS 2 to schedule CPE to reboot periodically.

11. Change the Location of CPE or Network on VigorACS 2

This article demonstrates how to add location information to a CPE or a Network.

12. Show Router Name in the Device List of VigorACS

If you have already set up the router name in System Maintenance, you may enable Auto Detect Router Name on VigorACS to display the router name instead.

13. Troubleshoot Unstable CPE Status

In this document, we are going to share some troubleshooting tips for you if you meet such kind of problem.

14. Deploying VLANs by SWM and VigorSwitch

This article demonstrates how to deploy tag-based VLAN on the network with selected Vigor Router and a VigorSwitch. By using the Central Switch Management (SWM) of the router, Network Administrator can do all the configuration from the router's management page. Furthermore, SWM simplifies the VLAN configuration by providing only the options which match the router's VLAN configuration.

15. Get the Report of All the CPE's Management Port

Since version 2.3.0, VigorACS 2 support the Device configuration report to collect the info of specific TR-069 parameters. This document is going to demonstrate the steps to create the report for CPE management port.

16. File Manager of VigorACS

This article explains the the structure of the EMS folder and where to find it,

17. Show VigorAP and VigorSwitch as Sub-Device of a Router

Since 2.3.0 version, ACS 2 support a new feature that allows the VigorAP and VigorSwitch to be shown as sub-device behind the Vigor Router on the Network tree if they belong to the same network group.

18. Disable Validation Code Check for VigorACS Login

For security concern, VigorACS enable the validation code mechanism on the login page by default. It provides a basic protection for brute force attack. However, if it is not necessary for your network, you can follow the steps below to disable the validation code check.

19. Register a VigorAP to VigorACS 2

To manage and monitor a VigorAP from VigorACS server, you need to register it to the server first. This article explains how to do that.

20. Register a Vigor Router to VigorACS 2

This article describes how to register a Vigor Router to Vigor ACS 2, so that it can be managed remotely.