Knowledge Base | Central Management

1. Get Google Map API Key for VigorACS
2. Create VigorACS 2 Global Parameter Profile by Sampling
3. Upgrade VigorACS 2 on Linux
4. Upgrade VigorACS 2 on Windows
5. Restore SQL File to VigorACS 2 Database
6. Upgrade CPE's Firmware via VigorACS 2
7. What Can I Do if I Forgot MySQL password?
8. Backup the Database of VigorACS 2
9. Backup and Restore CPE's Config via VigorACS 2
10. Reset CPE Password by VigorACS 2
11. Schedule CPE to reboot periodically via VigorACS 2
12. Change the Location of CPE or Network on VigorACS 2
13. Show Router Name in the Device List of VigorACS
14. Troubleshoot Unstable CPE Status
15. Deploying VLANs by SWM and VigorSwitch
16. Get the Report of All the CPE's Management Port
17. File Manager of VigorACS
18. Show VigorAP and VigorSwitch as Sub-Device of a Router
19. Disable Validation Code Check for VigorACS Login
20. Register a VigorAP to VigorACS 2