List All the TR-069 Parameters and Their Value


To retrieve all the TR-069 parameters and their value from DrayTek devices, you can use the tr069 commands in the CLI. For Vigor Router, type sys tr069 get InternetGatewayDevice. , and for Vigor AP, type tr069_client -t get InternetGatewayDevice.

You may list only the parameters in a category by typing sys tr069 get [category name], for example, sys tr069 get InternetGatewayDevice.X_00507F_Firewall.

If you want to export the list of the TR-069 parameters supported into an XML format, type sys tr069 printxml for Vigor Router, and tr069_client -t printxml for VigorAP. (Note: The parameters that include X_00507F_ in its name are the parameters are defined by DrayTek.)

Published On:2017-11-07 

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