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DrayTek Wireless APP

Free app for wireless network management

Manage from DrayTek Wireless App

Set up a Mesh network from scratch
Monitoring all Mesh nodes
Get the topology overview
Check all the Wi-Fi clients
Change SSID Configuration for all the nodes
Add TR-069 Settings to all the nodes

Compatible Devices

Vigor2765 Series
Vigor2862 Series
Vigor2862 LTE Series
Vigor2865 Series
Vigor2865 LTE Series
Vigor2926 Series
Vigor2926 LTE Series
Vigor2927 Series
Vigor2927 LTE Series

*wireless model only

VigorAP 802
VigorAP 903
VigorAP 912C
VigorAP 918R
VigorAP 920R
VigorAP 960C
VigorAP 1000C
VigorAP 1060C