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How to upload firmware to my Vigor Router via TFTP?

This document demonstrates how to upload a firmware to Vigor router by Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), this is a way to upgrade the router's firmware without logging into the router's web management page. To do this, you will need Firmware Upgrade Utility or other TFTP client software installed on your computer. Please disable Windows Firewall before firmware upgrade via TFTP. Here we use Firmware Upgrade Utility for example.

(If you are using Apple macOS computer, please refer to How to upload firmware to my Vigor Router via TFTP from macOS?)

1. Connect your computer directly to the router's LAN port and configure the network adapter to have the following IP settings:

  1. IP address:
  2. Subnet Mask:
  3. Default Gateway: (the default IP of the router)

2. Open Firmware Upgrade Utility (it should be run as Administrator) and get the settings ready.

  1. Enter Router IP as
  2. Select Firmware file: Click “…” and select the firmware file.
  3. Leave Password as blank.

3. Set your router to TFTP mode.

  1. Power off the router
  2. Press and Factory Reset button and hold it
  3. Power on the router while keep pressing the Factory Reset button
  4. The left three LED lights will flash rapidly, indicate the router is in TFTP mode.
    (For the LED status of the other Vigor Routers in TFTP mode, please refer to What is the LED status when Vigor Router is in TFTP mode)

4. Click Send on Firmware Upgrade Utility, and wait for the file to transfer.


5. Router will reboot and return to normal mode after the file has been transferred completely.

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