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How to set DMZ Host and whitelist?

Port Redirection can redirect incoming TCP/UDP or other traffic on particular ports to the specific private IP address/port of host on the LAN. However, other IP protocols, for example, number 50 (ESP) and 51 (AH) used by IPsec, do not travel on a fixed port. Vigor router provides DMZ Host that maps all unsolicited data on any protocol to a single host in the LAN. Regular web surfing and other. DMZ Host allows a defined internal user to be totally exposed to the Internet, which usually helps some special applications such as net-meeting, online games, etc.


Go to NAT >> DMZ Host:

  1. Select a WAN interface tab
  2. Select Private IP at WAN interface configured
  3. Click Choose IP to select the IP of DMZ host
  4. Click OK to finish the setup

With the above configuration, the host on will be accessible by the IP of router's WAN1 interface.

Set up whitelist

Instead of anyone could access DMZ, we may prefer to set up whitelist to define source IP.

Therefore, firewall is useful in this case, please go to Firewall >> Filter Setup >> Default Data Filter

Index 2:

Direction: WAN -> LAN/DMZ/RT/VPN

Source IP/Country: Allowed source

Destination IP/Country: DMZ host

Action: Pass Immediately


Index 3:

Direction: WAN -> LAN/DMZ/RT/VPN

Source IP/Country: Any

Destination IP/Country: DMZ host

Action: Block Immediately

block others    

Now, only source IP could access DMZ host

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