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VigorSwitch P1100

8-Port Web Smart Gigabit Switch
  • IPv6 and IPv4 conformity for the next generation network
  • 8 x 10/100/1000 Base-T and 2 x 100/1000 SFP Port
  • Port 1-4 support PoE+ (802.3at), the maximum power budget : 120Watt (Up to 30Watt per port)
  • Supports SNMPv1/v2c for management
  • Advanced QoS for application traffic prioritization
  • VLAN features support both port-based and tag-based
  • Power saving by 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet

Acerca de

The VigorSwitch P1100 is ideal for SOHO and small business with the high-performance capability and IPv6 management. To cater for high bandwidth traffic, it is equipped with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports for the LAN side, and 2 SFP ports for the backbone side. VigorSwitch P1100 is equipped with extensive facilities for maximizing your LAN performance, VLAN capability to allow flexible network design, and QoS capability for flexible bandwidth control. Furthermore, the power saving by IEEE802.3az EEE can offer you a green Ethernet networking environment.

The VigorSwitch P1100 also offers power to all these ports with Power of Ethernet (PoE) capability. All PoE-enabled devices for the business usages, such as IP phones, wireless AP or IP Cameras can all rely on VigorSwitch P1100 switch for the power supply, you are free to position equipment wherever they should be, not being limited by the power outlet.



VLAN provides a way for businesses to assign network functions to different workgroups, branches, sections, employees or visitors, according to their operational requirements. VigorSwitch P1100 offers the Layer 2 Isolation feature (tag-based) VLAN for the groups.

The Voice VLAN function of VigorSwitch P1100 assigns a preset VLAN profile with appropriate level of QoS for VoIP traffic. This ensures that voice related traffic will not be delayed because of inappropriate priority treatment.

For each of the VLAN groups, you can set rate limits for both ingress and egress traffic based on per port or per group.

With DrayTek VigorSwitch P1100, the QoS feature provides eight internal queues to support eight different classifications of traffic. High priority packet streams experience less delay inside the switch, which supports lower latency for certain delay-sensitive traffic. The switch classifies the packet as one of the eight priorities according to 802.1p priority tag, DiffServ and/or DSCP based. The QoS operates at full wire speed.

The VigorSwitch P1100 is fully compliant with IEEE802.3az which is an energy efficient Ethernet protocol.
The Power saving using Power Management techniques to detect the client idle and cable length automatically and provides the different power. The latest application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), using lower-power technology, allow for lower power consumption and thinner, more efficient designs.

8-PoE ports allow power to be supplied to end devices, such as Wireless AP, IP Phones and IP cams, directly through the existing LAN cables, eliminating costs for additional AC wiring and reducing Installation Cost. It frees your wireless AP deployment from restriction due to power outlet location. By supplying the power end-span, you can centralize power distribution and backup without the need to increase infrastructure.

The 8 Gigabit ports can be combined together to create a multi-link load-sharing trunk. Up to 8 Gigabit ports can be set up per group. The switch supports up to 8 trunking groups. Port trunks are useful for switch-to-switch cascading, providing very high full-duplex speeds.



Model & Connectors

ModelProductGbE. LANPoESFP



Max. 120W





Hardware Interface

8 x 10/100/1000Base-T with PoE+ PSE, RJ-45 (each port can support both IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at mode)

2 x 100/1000 SFP Port

1 x Factory Reset Button

Power of Ethernet

Standard: 802.3at

PoE Ports: 8 ports

Power Budget: Max. 120 Watt (Up to 30Watt per port)

Operation Voltage 100~240 VAC 
Power Consumption 12.16Watt

Operating : 0 ~ 40℃

Storage: -20 ~ 70℃

Humidity 5% ~ 90% ( non-condensing )
Dimensions 266(L) x 185(W) x 44(H) mm
Weight 1.4 kg

20 Gbps switching capacity

14.9 Mpps forwarding rate (64 bytes)

8k MAC address table

Up to 10KB jumbo frame

IP Version 

  • IPv4
  • IPv6


Standard Compliance 

  • IEEE 802.3 10Base-T
  • IEEE 802.3u 100Base-T
  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-TX
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow Control Capability
  • ANSI/IEEE 802.3 Auto-negotiation
  • IEEE 802.1q VLAN
  • IEEE 802.1p Class of Service
  • IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree
  • IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
  • IEEE 802.3ad Port Trunk with LACP
  • IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
  • IEEE 802.1az Energy Efficient Ethernet


Power over Ethernet

  • PoE Ports: 8 ports
  • Power Budget: Max. 120 Watt (Up to 30Watt per port)
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3af/at Power Over Ethernet Plus
  • Feeding powered device up to 100m
  • Dynamic mode
    • Dynamically distribute available power to powered devices
  • Static mode
    • Disable/Enable PoE per port
    • PoE Priority per port
    • PoE or PoE+ per port



  • IEEE802.1Q Tag-based VLAN
  • Support Port-based VLAN
  • Support Static VLAN
  • Port Isolation
  • Management VLAN
  • Voice VLAN (OUI Mode)



  • Support 8 Queues
  • Rate limit
    • Port-based (Ingress/Egress)
  • Queue Setting
    • WRR
    • Strict Priority
  • Class of Service
    • Port-based
    • CoS
    • DSCP
    • CoS-DSCP
    • IP Precedence


Link Aggregation

  • Supports 8 Link Aggregation Groups with Static & LACP types
  • Up to 8 Ports for Each Group
  • Support Traffic Load Balancing 



  • Support SNMP v1/v2c
  • Firmware Upgrade/Backup via HTTP/TFTP
  • Support HTTP/HTTPs Web User Interface
  • Configuration Upgrade/Backup via HTTP/TFTP
  • Factory Default
  • System Reboot
  • Support Command Line Interface (CLI) via Telnet



  • Dynamic (None Priority class Base)
  • Static (Priority Base)



  • Supports Storm Control (Broadcast, Unknown Multicast, Unknown Unicast)
  • DoS attack prevention


Account Management

  • Multiple user Account
  • Two-Level Security (Admin/User)



  • Up to 8K MAC Address Table
    • Dynamic Address
    • Static Address
  • Support Jumbo Frame 10KBytes
  • Support STP and RSTP
  • Support SNTP