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How to use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) allows wireless clients to connect to the password-protected Wi-Fi without selecting security mode and entering pre-shared keys. For security reasons, this function stays off for most of the time, and Network Administrator may turn it on by Push Button method or Client Pin Code method. This document demonstrates how to use WPS feature to establish the Wi-Fi connection between Vigor Router(access point) and a wireless client.

Note: Vigor Router supports WPS 2.0


Activate WPS by Push Button Method

1. To turn on WPS, press the “Wireless LAN ON/OFF/WPS” button on the front panel and hold it for about two seconds. If WPS has turned on, the ACT and WLAN LED light will flash rapidly and synchronously.


2. Now, the router will be waiting for Wi-Fi connection request. The WPS-supported clients only need to select the router's SSID from the available wireless network.

Note: The default SSID of Vigor Wireless Router is “Draytek”, and which of VigorAP is “Draytek-LAN-A” or “Draytek-LAN-B”.


3. After a few seconds, the client will connect to the router without the need to enter the security key.


4. After two minutes, WPS will be turned off automatically. From the front panel, you will see WLAN LED is not flashing anymore, and the ACT LED light is flashing about once per second.

5. Network Administrator may check the connected Wi-Fi clients from Wireless LAN >> Station List page.




Activate WPS by Virtual Push Button

If the router is not physically reachable, you may turn on WPS from the router's web management page. Go to Wireless LAN >> WPS, and click "Start PBC".


The WPS icon spinning indicates that the router has WPS turned on. After two minutes, it will be turned off automatically.




Activate WPS by Client PIN Code

If the Wi-Fi client supports WPS PIN, you may use the WPS with “Client PinCode”. Here we take Vigor N65 WLAN adapter as Wi-Fi client for example.

1. Get the Wi-Fi client's PIN Code.


2. Enter the Client PIN code on Wireless LAN >> WPS page, and click “Start PIN”. After that, Vigor Router will turn on WPS and wait for the client for two minutes. If there are no WPS requests within two minutes, it will return to normal mode


3. Start PIN WPS on wireless client, and it will establish a connection with Vigor Router.


After a few seconds, the wireless client will be connected to Vigor Router.





Note that there are some requirements for using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS); however, the router with factory default settings are ready for Wi-Fi connections via WPS, you just need to activate it. If the router is not in factory default settings and WPS is not working, you may check the following configurations.

1. Wireless LAN is enabled on Wireless LAN >> General Setup page.


2. On Wireless LAN >> Security Settings page, Security Mode is set to one of the PSK(Pre-shared key) modes.


3. WPS is enabled on Wireless LAN >> WPS page.




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