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What's the difference between operation modes on VigorAP?

VigorAP supports several operation modes to suit different situations.

This document is going to talk about the difference between operation modes of VigorAP.


AP mode

VigorAP act as a bridge between wireless client and the wired network, and allows the wireless device to connect to the wired network.

This can be used when your router does not support wireless LAN.


AP Bridge-Point to Point (Support on 2.4G only)

In this mode, VigorAP will not accept wireless clients, but will connect to the another Vigor AP in the same mode and act as a bridge between the two wired network on their LAN ports. All of the wired clients will join the same local network through a wireless connection. This can be used to connect two networks while physical cable is not available.

Please refer to this document for the setting details: How to connect two VigorAP by AP Bridge -Point to Point mode?


AP Bridge-Point to Multi-Point (Support on 2.4G only)

This mode is similar to Bridge-Point to Point, but it allows the VigorAP to connect to more (up to four) VigorAP which are in the same mode.


AP Bridge-WDS (Support on 2.4G only)

In this mode, VigorAP will connect to multiple (up to four) VigorAPs which in the same mode, act as a bridge between the wired network on their LAN ports, and still accepts wireless clients.

Therefore, this mode can be used to extend the wireless coverage and connecting two network when physical cable is not available; however, to prevent chipset incompatibility issue, it is recommended to use this mode only when all the VigorAPs are the same model.


Universal Repeater

As a universal repeater, VigorAP will connect to the main access point wirelessly and accept wireless clients at the same time, and therefore could extend signal coverage of the main access point.

To extend the wireless coverage more, we could add another VigorAP as a repeater of the VigorAP already in repeater mode, but more than two is not recommended due to worse performance and higher latency.
Refer to How to use VigorAP as a universal repeater? to get the setting details.

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