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What can I do if VPN disconnects frequently?

If your VPN tunnel disconnects frequently, please check the following settings first.

Make sure the WAN connection is stable

VPN is established through Internet connection; therefore, it will be unstable if the WAN connection of one of the VPN Routers is not stable. Please check the WAN Up Time of both VPN Routers via Online Status page. If it shows the WAN connection has dropped recently, that might be the reason why VPN is disconnected. Then please check the WAN connection for better VPN stability.


Enable "Always On" for Dial-out profiles (VPN clients)

For LAN to LAN profiles, the Idle Timeout is set to 300 seconds by default. It means the router will disconnects the VPN connection if it did not detect any traffic over the VPN connection for 300 seconds. If you don't want the VPN to be disconnected, please enable "Always on" for Dial-out profiles (VPN clients).


Set "Idle Timeout" to 0 for Dial-in profiles (VPN server)

Simiarlay, If you don't want the VPN server to disconnect the connection because of not detecting traffic, please set "Idle Timeout" to 0.


Disable "PING to Keep Alive"

Ping to Keep Alive” option is using ping to detect if the IPsec connection is alive or not. If the Ping Target IP is not responding Ping, IPsec VPN connection will drop every 60 seconds. Since most Vigor Routers support Dead Peer Detection(DPD) to detect IPsec connection, it is recommended NOT to enable the Ping to Keep Alive option if you are having VPN disconnecting problem.


Contact Support

If none of the above improve the VPN connection stability, please provide the information below to DrayTek Support [email protected] for further analysis:

  1. Remote Access to both Vigor Routers: Enable "Allow management from the Internet" via System Maintenance >> Managementand provide both Vigor Router's WAN IP, HTTP Port and Login Password for our technical support to access your router.


  1. The Syslog on both Vigor Routers until the VPN disconnection occurs. See How to collect router's syslog? for detailed instructions.

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