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How to use Central VPN Management (CVM) on Vigor3900?

Central VPN Management (CVM) is an easier way to establish and manage VPN connections between several CPE (VPN clients). It allows Administrator on the Central Router to: 1.Set up VPN connections with just one click 2. Backup and restore CPE configurations 3. Upgrade firmware for CPE 4. Manage multiple CPEs simultaneously.

As a central router (VPN server), Vigor3900 supports managing 16 CPEs at maximum, and Vigor2960 supports 12 at maximum. This document introduces how to use Central VPN Management (CVM) on Vigor3900 and Vigor2960. (For using CVM on Vigor2860 and Vigor2925, please refer to the article here.)

Configuring Vigor3900 as the Central Router

1. Go to Central VPN Management >> General Setup >> General Setup,

  1. Check Enable
  2. Select the exact WAN interface.
  3. Type port number between 0~65535. Here we take 9000 for example.
  4. Type Username and Password. (Username and Password must be the same as the settings on CPE)
  5. Click Apply.

2. Go to Central VPN Management >> General Setup >> VPN General Setup,

  1. Choose wan1 as WAN Profile.
  2. Type Local IP and Subnet.
  3. Click Apply.

3. Go to System Maintenance >> Access Control to enable "Web Allow", "Telnet Allow", "SSH Allow", and "HTTPS Allow". Click Apply


4. Configuring the CPE to be registered to Vigor3900, see the article here for more information.


Managing the CPE

5. Go to Central VPN Mangement>> CPE Management. Seeing the CPE router appears means all settings above are correct. Select the CPE and click Edit.


6. We may enter the detailed information about CPE in the dialogue box appeared, such as its name and location.


7. To establish VPN network, go to Central VPN Management >> CPE Management >> VPN Management.

  1. Select one CPE.
  2. Click on a VPN type, here we use PPTP
  3. Click OK when being asked about to establish the VPN tunnel

8. Wait for a few seconds, and we will see VPN connection has been established.




CPE Maintenance

With CVM, we can also perform CPE maintenance from the cetral router, sucah as backup and restore configurations. To do CPE Maintenance, go to Central VPN Management >> CPE Management >> CPE Maintenance, click on the  CPE and click Add.


2. Type Profile name, select CPE device, choose the Action (here we choose Configuration Backup), set the action time in Schedule (here we use Now), and type the Filename.


3. Wait for a few seconds and refresh the page. The Status [Finish] indicates the configuration has been successfully stored into the router. There is about 800 Mbytes storage space on the router. 


4. We can also download the configuration to our computers via File Explorer. Choose the filename and click Download, and the file will be saved to the directory.

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