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How to use Phone Book to make calls to the VPN remote network?

This note provides a instruction on how to make call through a VPN tunnel. Take the following network for example: There's a SIP account "777"on Vigor2760's LAN, and another SIP account "555" on Vigor2830's LAN, Vigor2760 and Vigor2830 are connected by a VPN tunnel.


Before configuring VoIP, please check VPN status in VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management to make sure that the VPN is established. To establish VPN tunnel between to Vigor routers, please refer to FAQ / Application Notes >VPN > LAN-to-LAN VPN > Vigor to Vigor


Configuring the Vigor2760

1. Go to VoIP >> SIP Accounts, and click an available index to create SIP account, and edit the account as follows:

  1. Give it a Profile Name
  2. Select None for Register via
  3. Enter the Display Name, Account Number/Name, Authentication ID, and Password
  4. Type the LAN IP of Vigor2760 for Domain/Realm and Proxy
  5. Click OK to apply the settings

2. Go to VoIP >> DialPlan >> Phone Book and click an available index, edit the phone book as follows:

  1. Enable this profile
  2. Type Phone Number and Display Name of the SIP account on Vigor2830
  3. Type SIP URL as the LAN IP of Vigor2830
  4. Click OK to apply

Configuring the Vigor2830

3. Similar to step 1, create a SIP account on Vigor2830


5. Similar to step 2, create a Phone Book with the information of SIP account on Vigor2760.


Now, we are able to make VoIP calls through the VPN tunnel!

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