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How to register at a SIP server?

Vigor V models, which are the model with VoIP function, support registering SIP accounts and make the analog phone connected to the router's FXO port be available to make VoIP calls. This note is going to demonstrate how to set up Vigor Router to register at an SIP server, we take an SIP server at for example.


1. Go to VoIP >> General Setting to enable VoIP function.


2. Go to VoIP >> SIP Accounts and click an available index.


3. Edit the SIP account as follows:

  1. Give a profile name
  2. For Register via, select interface on where the SIP server is, which can be WAN, LAN/VPN or PVC/VLAN
  3. Type the SIP port which SIP server uses, it's usually 5060
  4. Type the domain name or IP of the SIP server in Domain/Realm and Proxy
  5. Type Display Name, Account Number/Name, Authentication ID and Password according to which the SIP server provided
  6. Select the Ring Port as the phone to ring when there is an incoming call to this SIP account
  7. Click OK to apply setting

4. After clicking OK, the router will try to register with the SIP server. When the SIP account register to SIP server successfully, the status of the account will shows R. After that, the phone on the FXO port will be ready to make VoIP calls.

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