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Which Caller ID type does Vigor Router support?

Vigor Router supports Bellcore FSK, ETSI FSK, and DTMF, and also provides more options based on each country's specifications.

Usually, the router's default caller ID type is set to the one which is compatible with the local caller ID standard, but if the caller ID doesn't shows correctly, you may try other caller ID settings. To change the caller ID setting, go to VoIP >> Phone setting >> Index 1/2, click on Advanced.


You may try another Region or use “User Defined”, then select a Caller ID Type manually.


However, since the standards used for caller ID varies from country to country, in some area, Vigor Router might still not be able to show the correct information. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact our technical support, we will keep collecting information and improving the feature.


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