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How to send the voice message to the receiver by email?

This note is going to demonstrate how to configure Vigor IPPBX model to send the Voice Message to the the receiver by email.

Configuring Mail Server

  1. Go to Objects Setting >> SMS/Mail Service Object, and click an available index at Mail Server tab

  1. Give a profile name
  2. Type SMTP server and port according to mail service provider
  3. Enter Sender Address
  4. Check Use SSL and Authentication if the mail service provider requires

Configuring IPPBX to send voice message by Email

  1. Go to IP PBX >> Extension and click an extension index

  1. Type the Email address of the recipient
  2. Configure Answer Mode to forward calls to Voice Mail when it's not answered for 10 seconds

  2. Go to IP PBX >> PBX System >> Voice Mail/Virtual FAX Configuration

  1. Check Send Voice Message by Email in Voice Mail Configuration
  2. Check Delete Voice Message after Sending Mail to save memory space

       c. In Email Server Setup, select the SMTP Server Object created in the previous step.


Now the voice mail for ext. 1001 will be sent to the Email address set in the extension profile.

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