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How to configure and use the Queuing Function in Hunt Group?

When VigorIPPBX receives several incoming calls simultaneously, it will forward them to different hunt groups first. After that, VigorIPPBX will accept all the phone calls, then comply with the priority of each hunt group and the calling sequence to line them up for picking. Such design can enhance the convenience for the users and make the phone call answering application more elastic. This note is going to demonstrate how to configure the Queuing Function.

1. Go to PBX System>>Hunt Group, and click hunt group for queuing.

2. Select Queuing as Overflow Rule.

3. Select the Priority level for the hunt group.


4. Click Queue Setting to configure Queuing Timeout, Waiting Music, Music Pause, Max queue slots and Additional slots for Top priority.


    5. Select the action when Queue Overflow.




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