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How to recover the password of VigorSwitch G2240 and P2260?

If you forgot the password to log in a Vigor device, you may do a hardware reset to clear the password. For the VigorSwitch models that don't have hardware reset buttons, such as VigorSwitch G2240 and P2260, they provide another way to retrieve the password by a one-time key since firmware version 1.19. The steps below show how to retrieve the login password.

1. Access the web management page of G2240 or P2260, and click “Forget Password” link to get the Series Number. Then, forward the Series Number to DrayTek Support to get the temporary key.


  Note : If you are accessing the device via console connection, press Ctrl+Z instead.

2. Input the temporary key as Username and Password to login the switch. (This temporary key only allow one-time login, it will become invalid after logout)


3. Go to the System >> Account to modify the password. Then, you could log out and re-login with the new password.

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