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How to upgrade VigorSwitch G2240's firmware to version 5.68?

This article describes the two ways to upgrade VigorSwitch G2240-automatic upgrade and manual upgrade.

Automatic upgrade

1. You can download the G2240_v5.68 firmware version on our website. After decompressing the file, please double-click “Auto Test.exe.”


2. Click “File.”


3. Click “Load Test File.”


4. A window will pop up asking “Switch ready?” Click OK to proceed. 


5. Before starting to upgrade, please type the related information.


6. The window will show that the upgrading is in process.


7. Two countdown windows will pop up :

    a. The first one is 30 seconds.


     b. The second one is 60 seconds.


8. After counting down, a Success message will show up in the window. The upgrade is finish successfully. 


Note : Countdowns are 30 seconds and 60 seconds. If you couldn’t upgrade successfully, the reason could be the reaction time is too long and cause the timeout. To upgrade manually, please see the following descriptions.

Manual upgrade

There will be two-steps of upgrading and are both necessary. Please follow the descriptions below.

1. Open the “VigorSwitch_G2240_v5.68\AutoUpdaete\files” folder.


2. You will see two .dat files-”GS2224L_vigor_V1_99.dat” and “GS2224L_vigor_V5_6.8.dat.”


3. The first-step upgrading, we need to upgrade the firmware to version V1_99. Please open the administrator page of G2240, and go to Maintenance -> Firmware Upgrade. Choose the ”GS2224L_vigor_V1_99.dat” file and click “Upgrade.”


4. Now we can keep upgrading the firmware to version v5_68.


5. After the two-steps upgrading, please log into the administrator page of the switch, and you will see “Firmware Version: V5.68.”

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