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How to login on VigorSwitch via Console Port?

The main method to manage VigorSwitch is to access it on telnet client, via the Console port on the rear panel of the device. You'll need a Console cable which is shipped with the box of VigorSwitch: a female-console to female-console cable.

Connect this cable to the Console port on the rear panel of VigorSwith, and connect the other side to the COM port of your PC. Make sure the connections are OK, and then turn the power on. On your computer, follow the below picture to run "HyperTerminal" as the telnet client:


Choose to build a new connection. We name the new connection as "vigorswitch", like shown in the picture:


The properties of this connection should be configured as below:


Initiate this connection, you'll be asked to input the username and password to login:


The default username and password of VigorSwitch are both "admin", type them in:


After login the VigorSwitch, you can type "?" and the press Enter to learn the commands that you can execute in this menu.

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