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Tecnología ecológica

Use green information technology for children - DrayTek

Grow green for our next generation

There is only one mother earth for all of us

Therefore, you would definitely agree going green is more than a trend at present. The question is
how to start without increasing your operation cost.

Energy-consumption normally contributes a considerable portion of your operation cost and IT -related activities cause the major part of your energy bill. DrayTek networking solutions allow you to reduce your energy bill and green your IT all at once.

We have been comitted to reducing power consumption and improving the efficiency of their range for many years.

Stay in Green without Increasing Cost

For example, Wi Fi Multimedia (WMM) function applied for our wireless solution can save power (for battery powered equipment) and fine-tune power consumption. Moreover, our VigorSwitch series provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to proactively manage your power consumption related to networking communication. You can see much more from following topics about our comprehensive solutions. On the other hand, DrayTek commits to WEEE and RoHS to provide recyclable and environmental-friendly networking equipment to protect our environment.

Yes, Save more and Green your IT with DrayTek!

EuP ( Energy Using Products)

According to the Ecodesign directive for EuP 2005/32/EC, DrayTek once again affirms commitment towards environment protection by implementing eco-design on DrayTek Vigor series routers.

DrayTek's EuP compliant solutions will assist residential/business users to reduce environmental burden and strengthen environmental performance. With the objective of the EuP Directives: Improve energy efficiency throughout the product’s lifecycle from mining of the raw materials to its end-of-life recycling, DrayTek will endeavour continously by improving eco-friendly communications system, material supply, production, transportation and decommission of DrayTek series products.