Hospitality Network

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Wi-Fi has become the most important factor for the travelers. Except for cozy rooms, lavish amenities, and friendly staffs, providing a stable Wi-Fi will definitely make your guests feel more like home. DrayTek provides solutions that help you deploy a reliable and secure wireless network to welcome your guests.


  • Providing a stable Wi-Fi all the time
  • Web portal for promotion
  • Ensure network security
  • Improve operating efficiency


AirTime Fairness & Bandwidth Limit

AirTime Fairness and Bandwidth Limit feature will make sure the network resource will be fairly allocated, and every guest would experience a stable Internet speed. Moreover, Vigor Router can also do “auto-adjustment” to allow bandwidth usage over the limit when there is spare bandwidth available.



Wireless roaming allows your guests to stay connected anywhere at your venue. VigorAP supports “AP-Assisted Roaming” feature to help your guests always connecting to the access point which has the strongest signal. PMK Caching and Pre-Authentication is also supported to ensure seamless roaming even when 802.1X authentication is deployed.


Web Portal

When the guests connect to the network, you can redirect them to a captive portal before providing the Internet services for them. Vigor router is integrated with web portal solution for user authentication, inform the terms and conditions, or present a landing page for promotion.


Wireless Client Isolation

VigorAP can block the wireless clients from accessing each other, as well as block the wireless clients from the wired network. This not only will protect your internal network from malicious users, but also ensure the privacy and security for your guests.


APM – A Built-in Wireless Controller

Central AP Management (APM) feature is a wireless controller built in the router which can significantly reduce the workload of IT staff, while it allows monitoring and maintaining all the access points through a single portal. The Auto Provisioning function allows the router to automatically push the configuration to newly added access points, which helps you easily deploy more access points even without an on-site IT staff.

Supported devices

  • Up to 100 concurrent devices: Vigor2952
  • Up to 200 concurrent devices: Vigor3220, Vigor300B
  • Up to 500 concurrent devices: Vigor3900
Vigor2952 Vigor2952 Vigor300B Vigor300B VigorAP 900 VigorAP 900 VigorAP 902 VigorAP 902 VigorAP 910c VigorAP 910c