Home Network

Enjoy an easy set-up and secure network with your family


You need a family network solutions for around 5 people, including children and the elderly. All you need is a stable Internet access via both wired and wireless, but you want to keep your kids away from the inappropriate contents. There are various devices in the house, from legacy ones to the new ones. You want to make sure all the devices can join the network, and the wireless devices not only can stay connected all the time but also sustain a good signal strength everywhere. Why not try DrayTek's home networking solution to spend less time on the settings, and just let the network work!


  • Internet access and wireless network
  • Connect to the network by various devices
  • Filtering websites which are inappropriate for the kids
  • A roaming wireless network


Easy and Quick Settings

Vigor Router and AP are designed with proper default settings which make setting up home network become so easy and quick. Just connect the router's WAN port or AP's LAN port to your cable modem, plug in the power, and the Internet connection and wireless access will be ready.


Dual-band Wi-Fi & Band Steering

It is common that there are plenty of wireless devices in a house. With dual-band Wi-Fi support, the 5GHz-capable devices can enjoy a faster and more stable wireless connection. Furthermore, we can enable Band Steering and set up the same SSID and password on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channel, then the router/AP will automatically direct the 5GHz-capable devices to the less crowded 5 GHz band, and leave 2.4GHz channel resources for the legacy devices.


Protect your children with “Content Filter”

Childcare is always an important thing. With Vigor Router, you may set up content filtering rules to block the websites which are inappropriate for the children. With an annual subscription to CYREN Web Content Filtering service, you may also filter the websites by their categories, and set up restrictions to block the whole categories of websites (such as Porn & Sexually, Violence.. etc.) without the need to specify every site you would like to block.



While you are moving around in your house, “Roaming” technology will allow you to automatically switch from the originally connected AP to the one that is closer to you. Therefore you can always get good Wi-Fi signal and have a stable wireless connection.

Supported devices