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Live Demo

The live demo listed here are based on standard firmware version. Exact menus and supported features may vary depending on different firmware and regions. Please check with your local supplier for the latest spec.

Title Type Version
Smart Monitor Network MGMT 2.4.3
VigACS SI username / password : guest Network MGMT 1.1.8
Vigor120 ADSL / VDSL
Vigor122 ADSL / VDSL 3.2.10
Vigor130 ADSL / VDSL 3.8.3
Vigor2100 Series Broadband 2.6.1(5)
Vigor2110 Series Broadband 3.6.5
Vigor2120 Series Broadband
Vigor2130 Series Broadband
Vigor2132 Series Broadband
Vigor2133 Series Broadband
Vigor2710 Series ADSL / VDSL 3.6.5
Vigor2710e/ne ADSL / VDSL 3.2.8
Vigor2750 Series ADSL / VDSL 1.5.4
Vigor2760_D Series ADSL / VDSL
Vigor2760 Series ADSL / VDSL
Vigor2762 Series ADSL / VDSL 3.8.8
Vigor2830 Series ADSL / VDSL 3.6.8
Vigor2830n v2 Series ADSL / VDSL 3.8.1
Vigor2832 Series ADSL / VDSL
Vigor2850 Series ADSL / VDSL 3.6.8
Vigor2860 Series ADSL / VDSL
Vigor2862 LTE Series ADSL / VDSL
Vigor2862 Series ADSL / VDSL 3.8.9
Vigor2910 Series Broadband
Vigor2912 Series Broadband
Vigor2920 Series Broadband 3.6.8
Vigor2925 Series Broadband
Vigor2926 Series Broadband 3.8.9
Vigor2930 Series Broadband
Vigor2950 Series Broadband
Vigor2952 Series Broadband
Vigor2955 Broadband
Vigor2960 Broadband 1.4.1
Vigor300B Broadband 1.4.1
Vigor3200 Series Broadband 3.6.8
Vigor3220 Series Broadband
Vigor3300V+ Broadband 2.6.3
Vigor3900 Broadband 1.4.1
VigorAP 700 Access Point 1.11
VigorAP 710 Access Point 1.2.5
VigorAP 800 Access Point 1.1.4
VigorAP 810 Access Point 1.2.5
VigorAP 900 Access Point 1.2.0
VigorAP 902 Access Point 1.2.5
VigorAP 910C Access Point 1.2.5
VigorAP 920R Series Access Point 1.2.4
VigorBX 2000 IP PBX
VigorFly 210 Broadband
VigorIPPBX 2820 IP PBX
VigorIPPBX 3510 IP PBX 3.5.10
VigorPhone 350 VoIP Phone Adapter 12202.26.1.07
VigorSwitch G1280 Network Switch 2.3.2
VigorSwitch G2240 Network Switch 1.19
VigorSwitch G2280 Network Switch 2.3.2
VigorSwitch P1280 Network Switch 2.3.2
VigorSwitch P2280 Network Switch 2.3.2
VigorSwitch P2121 Network Switch 2.3.2
VigorTalk ATA-24 VoIP Phone Adapter
VigorTalk ATA-24 SH VoIP Phone Adapter