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Centralized VigorAP Management
  • A Management Portal for all your VigorAP
  • Visualized Dashboard to monitor all the VigorAP at a glance
  • Scheduled Provisioning 
  • Scheduled Firmware Upgrade
  • VigorAP Grouping and Load Balancing
  • Rogue AP Detection
  • Profile-based Management




VigorAPM, a unified system that manages and controls Vigor Wi-Fi devices, is a browser-based software. Deploy the VigorAPM to manage wireless functions in your mid-size business. Now you can enhance the productivity of your growing mobile workforce with a scalable, low-cost Wi-Fi device management system. With the VigorAPM, you can deliver an optimal wireless experience that meets your growing business needs at an affordable price point.

In addition, the VigorAPM can be accessed through any device using a web browser. VigorAPM enables the administrator to instantly provision and configure VigorAPs, allowing for quick, simple management of system traffic.

Simple to Deploy

The VigorAPM integrates APs easily with existing switches, firewalls, authentication servers, and other network infrastructure. All VigorAPs then automatically discovered by VigorAPM, self-configure and become instantly manageable.

Easy to Manage

VigorAPM will automatically operate the VigorAPs management once it is up. Devices are provisioned based on group enrollment. Automatically deliver Wi-Fi settings specific to each VigorAP. Take advantage of WLAN groups for flexible configuration of large deployments and enable wireless connection between APs to extend range.

Pre-installation & Monitor

Upload customer maps for a visual representation of your wireless network. With Drag & Drop Virtual VigorAP devices, it displays the Wi-Fi coverage immediately and helps to plan your Wi-Fi network. It also helps to get real-time visibility on device health, security posture, and software and hardware inventory for your entire fleet of devices. Additionally, the real-time statistics track performance, number of clients, traffic, and current usage. Use the log and analysis to manage large user populations and expedite troubleshooting. 

VigorAPM makes it easy to view recent event notifications on your network(s). Get alerts for important events and keep track of specific status.  



Software Features
  • Status Overview
  • Traffic Graph
  • Client Graph
AP Profile
  • Radio Settings
  • SSID Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Client Limit
  • Access Control List
  • Bandwidth Limit
  • Load Balance by Station Number
  • Load Balance by Traffic Load
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Remote Reboot
  • Auto Provision
  • Floor Map
  • Rogue AP Detection
  • AP Log
System Management
  • Multiple Admin accounts
  • Role-based access control with multi privilege levels 

Minimum System Requirement

Operating System CPU Memory Storage

Microsoft Windows server 2008 /
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10/
32/64-bit openSUSE (recommended) / Other Unix / Linux distribution version with Java v1.8 / SQLite v3.15

Intel® Core i7-4770K Processor 
(8M Cache, 3.5GHz)
Intel®Xeon Processor E3-1270v3
(8M Cache, 3.5GHz)

Recommended  4GB

Over 4TB


 Client Requirement

Operating System Browser
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Multiple Linux distribution (e.g., Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS,...etc)
Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE, Edge