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A Powerful Centralized Management System
  • Compliant with TR-069-support Vigor Routers and VigorAP
  • Unlimited Network level to group CPEs
  • Scheduled Auto-Provisioning for configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alarm
  • VPN Wizard for easy VPN establishment between CPEs
  • Daily Report and Performance Review
  • Multiple user accounts with Role-based Access Control
  • Logging about the System and CPEs


VigorACS SI, a powerful centralized management software for System Integrators to manage DrayTek`s devices in a more efficient way. VigorACS SI is based on TR-069 protocol, enables Network Administrator to set parameters, monitor status, and transfer files for the CPEs remotely but safely, therefore to provide real-time care for your customers. 



The auto-provisioning function of VigorACS SI version can satisfy management needs of System Integrators with license obtained from Telco/ISP (figure 1) or only providing value-added support (figure 2) to end-users who purchase Vigor routers. Furthermore, VigorACS SI will be capable of any management work of all CPEs located in worldwide branch offices from an international company such as Figure 3..



Users can reduce the high cost of administration and on-site support but still provide high-quality service remotely via VigorACS SI. For MNCs’ MIS administrator, they can fulfill various operation needs, such as VPN connections, VoIP setting or uploading new application/profiles for offices worldwide. Via VigorACS SI, Device Maintenace, such as firmware upgrade, configuration backup & restore, can also be performed remotely.


VPN Wizard

VPN wizard embedded with advanced algorithms technique - Circular Layouter lets administrators establish a VPN between CPEs which are geographically separated by just dragging the CPEs together on the WUI, then VigorACS SI would automatically send the required parameter settings to each of the CPE so that VPN connection can be established. Administrators can also choose different types of VPN connection including PPTP and IPSec to meet the different network needs.


Alarm & Log

VigorACS SI supports Alarm function to notify Network Administrator about abnormal situations. The latest alarm will also be displayed on the dashboard to catch administrator’s attention for immediate reaction. The types of alarm occurrence, level of alarm, acknowledge status are recorded thus to help supervisors evaluate each admin performance. Admin can notify CPE owner via e-mail when an error is detected to provide them up-to-date information about the CPE status.

Log view section can be divided into two major parts, which is Device Activity and System Activity. Device Activity records the action, download, reboot, parameter values, object adding and deleting executed by VigorACS SI, and allows the administrator to know exactly what and when has been done to each CPE. System part records the modification or changes VigorACS SI server, such as changing network, the name of CPE or location of CPE, and also user login activity


User Management

User Operation Management provides three levels of user authority for different types of administrators, including (from high to low) System Administrator, Administrator, and Operator. For instance, the head of IT department can be System Administrator who has access to all the network and devices, senior IT engineer can be Administrator with the access to a specific device group only, and junior engineer can be the Operator which can only monitor the device status but cannot make any changes.

Copy Parameter

The Copy Parameter feature helps Network Administrators to copy a device’s configuration to others easily. When it comes to hundreds of Vigor devices at the same time, it’s not easy to setup device one by one in person. However, with Copy Parameter feature, Network Administrators can copy the configuration from a working device to other same models. Moreover, VigorACS SI also provides a feature to make sure the configuration of remote device will be accidentally changed by the local staff, learn more by visiting our application note How to prevent CPE's settings from being changed by the end-users on VigorACS SI?



Software Features
Network Management
  • Connection Loss Alarm
  • Device List
  • Map
CPE Management
  • Configuration
  • Alarm
  • Log
  • Diagnostics
  • Map
  • Scheduled Backup
  • Configuration Restore
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Device Reboot
  • Global Parameter Provisioning by Network
  • Single CPE Provisioning
  • Firmware Provisioning by Network
  • LAN/WAN Traffic Statistics
  • NAT Statistics
  • LAN/WAN IP overview
  • Firmware version overview
  • USB Model Status
  • Port Status Overview
  • Device Information
  • Device Action
  • Device Reboot
  • Device Set Parameter
  • Device File Transfer
  • Device Firmware Upgrade
  • System Login
  • System Log
System Management
  • Role-based access control with 5 privilege levels 
  • User Group
  • Device Group
  • Function Management
  • Wholesale Wizard

Minimum Server Requirement

Operating System CPU RAM HDD

Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7
32/64-bit openSUSE is recommended
Other Unix/Linux distribution version with Java v1.5 & MariaDB (MySQL) v5.5

Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 1.0 GHz 2G DDR2 DRAM


If the number of nodes is over 5,000, we recommend your implementation of VigorACS SI on a Linux server

Client Requirement

Browser: Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, Edge with Adobe Flash Player 9.0