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Smart Monitor

A analysis software for Vigor Routers
  • Network Traffic Analyzer
  • Service Type Analysis
  • User Traffic Recording
  • Top 10 active user ranking
  • Top 10 popular protocol ranking
  • Statistics & Report
  • Role-based System Access Control


Smart Monitor is a network traffic analyzing software which works with Vigor Routers. With Smart Monitor, the administrator can monitor the traffic sent and received by the users and generate reports for reference.

Smart Monitor can assist Network Administrator to track the network activities and find out which applications are being used. Network traffic can be classified into pre-defined categories, such as HTTP, e-mail, instant message, or file download. Smart Monitor can analyze and arrange those records clearly and well for the administrator to manage and check with ease.

Smart Monitor provides Top 10 ranking function and allows network administrators to check the 10 most active users of each network applications. Top 10 ranking also can help Network Administrator to find out the activities of local network users, and optimize the network management accordingly.




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Compatible Vigor Routers
Up to 30 Users
  • Vigor2120 Series
  • Vigor2132ac
  • Vigor2132FVn
  • Vigor2832 Series
  • Vigor2860 Series
  • Vigor2860 LTE Series
  • Vigor2912 Series
  • Vigor2912Fn
Up to 50 Users
  • Vigor2925 Series
  • Vigor2925 LTE Series
  • Vigor2925Fn
Up to 100 Users
  • Vigor2952 Series
Up to 200 Users
  • Vigor300B
  • Vigor2960
  • Vigor3220 Series
Up to 500 Users
  • Vigor3900
Software Features
Service Analysis
  • Instant Message
  • Mail
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • Telnet
  • P2P
  • SIP
  • DNS
  • VPN
  • Media
  • Webdown
  • Stock
  • Game
User Analysis
  • User Grouping
  • Traffic usage of each user
  • Top 10 Active User
  • Top 10 Popular Service
  • Service Traffic Graph
  • Hard Disk Usage Graph
  • Exporting to PDF files
  • Mail Daily Report
System Management
  • Multiple Admin accoutns
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Config Backup & Restore
  • Event Log Collecting
  • Resource Usage Tracking
Operating System CPU RAM HDD

Windows XP / Windows 7

Intel® P4 1.4GHz and above

1 GB at minimum

20 GB at minimum