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Simple and Practical Function - Central Management for VigorSwitch


By means of Vigor router and VigorSwitch, the small and middle enterprises can construct internal network easily to meet different requirements for accessing Internet. However, different switches have different operation interfaces. As a result, the administrator might spend a lot of time to configure settings one by one even if the change is minor. To enhance the convenience, DrayTek developed and launched a practical and powerful function to manage VigorSwitch, named central switch management (SWM), to assist the SMB in managing multiple VigorSwitch devices through Vigor router.


Benefits of central switch management offered by Vigor router:

  • Simple and easy to deploy the VigorSwitch configuration. It is not necessary for the administrator accessing into different VigorSwitch’s web user interfaces individually to make settings configuration. Just implement the modification through the switch management system in Vigor router to achieve the goal at one time.
  • Monitor the status of VigorSwitch and LAN clients at any time. After finished the configuration, the administrator shall open monitor web page to inspect or check current application or usage of VigorSwitch. The hyperlink for each managed VigorSwitch allows the administrator to access into web user interface of VigorSwitch for viewing other settings. Moreover, the Switch hierarchy page displays the status (in-use/available/shutdown LAN clients) of each VigorSwich via different icons.
  • Maintenance is simple and convenient, no matter in configuration backup, configuration restore, returning to factory default settings, or restarting VigorSwitch.


At present, the models supporting the function of central switch management include:
Vigor2860 Series, Vigor2925 Series and Vigor2952 Series; the system can manage 10 or more VigorSwitch at one time.

And, the models which can be managed by Vigor router:
VigorSwitch G1241, VigorSwitch G2260, VigorSwitch P2261, and VigorSwitch P1100

For central switch management application, refer to FAQ for more detailed information.

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