Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018


Dear DrayTek partners and users:

Time goes by so fast; it’s the time for DrayTek to express the deepest gratitude to all of the customers.

Throughout the whole year, DrayTek had developed various products (e.g., Vigor router, VigorAP, VigorSwitch and etc.) to meet various business needs. Meanwhile, DrayTek cooperated closely with various partners worldwide and continuously made improvements/enhancements to satisfy the requirement of customers. 

Thank you for selecting DrayTek solutions. No matter what you have, we hope our products can do serve you reliably and well. And, with your support, DrayTek will grow well and strong.

Bless you a successful business/career and a joyful life in 2018!


Sincerely Yours,
DrayTek Corp.