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Our products successfully pass the test in Deutsche Telekom


DrayTek products successfully tested in the test center of Deutsche Telekom AG

By 2018, Deutsche Telekom AG plans to switch all connections to IP base in Germany. In order to be prepared for this change, we have sent our xDSL products to be tested at Telecom's test center. Now we are pleased to announce that DrayTek Vigor2860, Vigor2760, Vigor130 and VigorNIC 132 series are successfully approved by Deutsche Telekom.

Our products work with all available line variants (MagentaZuhause S , MagentaZuhause Hybrid S, MagentaZuhause M, MagentaZuhause L, MagentaZuhause L Entertain, DeutschlandLAN IP Voice/ Data S, DeutschlandLAN IP Voice/ Data S Premium, DeutschlandLAN IP Start Premium Hybrid), both legacy and BNG connections with speeds from 384 kbps for ADSL to 100 Mbits for VDSL Vectoring.