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Upcoming Firmware version 1.1.0 on Vigor3900/Vigor300B

DrayTek announces to launch milestone firmware version 1.1.0 for DrayTek Vigor3900/Vigor300Bseries routers which are designed with Dual Ethernet WAN and Dual USB WAN ports for fixed line broadband and mobile broadband. The Vigor3900/Vigor300B provides two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and two 3G/4G LTE USB configurable WANs for business offices and professionals.

Its fail over and load balance over different WANs with in-depth bandwidth management are ideal for broadband connectivity of SMBs. The VPN load-balancing and VPN backup offer business offices with business continuity.

We officially released firmware version 1.1.0 with following features:

New Features
Support SSL VPN LAN to LAN connection up to 300Mbps (only connecting to DrayTek router with SSL LAN to LAN function).
Support internal RADIUS server in User Management>>RADIUS.
Support APP Support List in Objects Settings>>APP Support List.
Add auto/manual APP Signature Upgrade setting page in System Maintenance>>APP Signature Upgrade.
In System Maintenance>>Access Control:
    Add Validation Code in Access Control tab to improve web admin security;
    Add Fail to Ban setting page to block abnormal failed login;
    Add Access Barrier setting page to protect local service from brute force attack.
    Add Switch Rate Limit setting page in Firewall >> Dos Defense.
    Add NAT >> Connection Timeout for changing the session timeout.

Improved: Support firmware upgrade notification.
Improved: Add auto DDoS protection in coprocessor.
Improved: Support Multicast via VPN.
Improved: Add SSL VPN settings page in VPN and Remote Access >> PPP General Setup.
Improved: Support more remote subnet for PPTP Dial-In VPN profile.
Improved: Support LDAP/RADIUS authentication for SSL Proxy login.
Improved: In Routing>>Policy Route,
    Add a new option Priority for more flexible routing;
    Support country object as destination;
    Support failover when target IP ping failed or succeeded.
Improved: In LAN>>LAN DNS, support Specified LANs, wild-card string and CNAME record.
Improved: Support upload HTML file as bulletin message in User Management>>Web Portal>>Portal Page Setup.
Improved: Add Diagnostics >> MAC Address Table.
Improved: Add Diagnostics >> User Status for showing PPPoE/Web Portal/VPN/SSL Proxy users in a single page.
Improved: Add Packet Inspection settings in Firewall >> Filter Setup >> Default Policy.
Improved: Add wake by profile in Applications>>Wake on LAN.
Improved: Support multiple choice in User Management>>User Profile>>Apply All.
Improved: Add port statistics in Diagnostics >> Traffic Statistics.
Improved: Add Session information in Diagnostics>>Traffic graph.
Improved: Add vendor information in Diagnostics>>ARP Cache Table.
Improved: Add daily and period timeout settings for Web Portal (in User Management>>Web Portal>>General Setup).
Improved: Support to apply to specific VLANs in LAN>>Bind IP to MAC.
Improved: Support VPN routing for GRE over IPsec tunnel.
Improved: Support Keep VPN Setting in Central VPN Management>>CPE Management.
Improved: Support time interval setting for USB temperature sensor (in USB Application>>Temperature Sensor>>General Setup).

Corrected: Support DNS server located in LAN.

Corrected: Unable to pass traffic from LAN to PPPoE clients.
Improved: Improve web page for WCF categories selection.
Improved: Support display matching counter for IP Filter.

Improve SSL VPN performance for tunnel mode (with Smart VPN Client 4.3.1 or later, the throughput will be greater than 200Mbps)

Support USB 4G/LTE. Check USB>>Modem support list for details

Support USB disk /FTP server.

Support Policy Route (integrating original Load Balance Rule and Address Mapping).

More in-depth instructions of using new features and enhancements are available at Release Note

DrayTek Vigor3900/Vigor300B routers were just showcased at TAIWAN EXCELLENCE PAVILION at INFOCOMM Orlando, Florida, the USA and then Vigor3900/Vigor300B will be showcased at several international exhibitions. Many multi-site companies deployed Vigor3900/Vigor300B with VigorACS SI Central Management to strengthen network capability and productivity.