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DrayTek Releases Firmware Version v3.6.7 of Vigor2830 series Single Band

DrayTek Vigor2830 series routers are an ideal solutions designed for office and remote offices. It’s an ADSL2+ routers equipped with ADSL2+, Ethernet feed Internet and the USB port that also allow you to connect with 3.5G/ 4G LTE USB mobile to a business continuity network. WiVigor2830 series provide different services that reach your demands including Vigor2830, Vigor2830n (2.4 GHz WLAN), Vigor2830Vn (VoIP 2.4 GHz WLAN), Vigor2830n-plus (2.4/ 5 GHz WLAN), and Vigor2830 Vn-plus (VoIP + 2.4/ 5 GHz WLAN). With 4-Gigabit port, Vigor2830 series are able to handle large data and facilitate the communication and applications in business offices.

With the enhancement of firmware v.3.6.7, DrayTek improves the Internet connections for remote offices and expats. It supports more modems, What types of 3.5G modem are compatible with Vigor router?, and it’s getting easier to setup VPN connections. The feature of Load balance/ Route Policy can let IT people manage the bandwidth well, and a few of technical issues have been corrected.

Note: The Version 3.6.7 will be first available in single band models including the Vigor2830, Vigor2830n and Vigor2830Vn.

Release Note: Vigor2830 Single Band F/W v3.6.7 Release Note