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Date Title
2018-09-19 DrayTek will showcase the latest products at GiTEX 2018
2018-09-12 PoE L2 Managed Gigabit Switch - VigorSwitch P2121
2018-08-02 Notification for day off
2018-07-03 DrayTek Certification Training on July 26-27 in Dallas, Texas, USA
2018-06-13 Dragon Boat Festival (16th June to 18th June) in Taiwan
2018-06-06 Outdoor 2T2R Simultaneous Dual Band 11ac Outdoor Access Point – VigorAP 920R
2018-05-30 DrayTek will Showcase a series of products at CEBIT 2018 Hannover
2018-05-30 8-Port Smart Lite Gigabit Switch - VigorSwitch G1080
2018-05-18 Notification of Urgent Security Updates to DrayTek routers
2018-05-15 OpenVPN, an alternative way to establish VPN connection, has been integrated into DrayTek Products
2018-04-18 DrayTek Day in Greece is coming
2018-04-02 Brazil webinar about the new DrayTek products for 2018
2018-03-21 A New VDSL2/ADSL2+ VPN Router - Vigor2762 Series
2018-03-07 A Newly Launch Firewall VPN Router- Vigor2133 Series
2018-02-14 2018 Lunar New Year Holidays (15th Feb. to 20th Feb.) in Taiwan
2018-01-31 Visit us at HORECA 2018 in Greece
2018-01-24 L2 Managed Gigabit Switch- VigorSwitch G2280
2017-12-27 PoE L2 Managed Gigabit Switch - VigorSwitch P2280
2017-12-27 8-Port PoE Smart Lite Giga Switch - VigorSwitch P1092
2017-12-21 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018
2017-12-20 Security Notification about ROBOT Attack Vulnerability
2017-12-20 24-Port Web Smart Gigabit Switch - VigorSwitch G1280
2017-11-08 Security Notification about DNSMasq Vulnerability
2017-11-08 A New Dual-WAN Security Router- Vigor2926 Series
2017-10-18 How are DrayTek wireless products affected by the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability?
2017-10-18 DrayTek Announces New Models within the Vigor2862 Series, with Built-in LTE, VoIP, 802.11ac Wave 2 WLAN
2017-10-17 DrayTek Day 2017 in Germany
2017-10-11 DrayTek win PC Pro Excellence Awards 2017
2017-10-06 DrayTek Seminar about the upcoming outdoorAP
2017-10-03 Holidays for National Day
2017-10-03 24-Port Gigabit Web Smart PoE Switch - VigorSwitch P1280
2017-10-03 New PoE & Wi-Fi Router - Vigor2952Pn
2017-10-02 DrayTek will head to Italy for Smau Milano 2017
2017-10-02 Join us at DrayTek Solution Day in Indonesia
2017-09-25 We will meet you at GiTEX 2017
2017-08-25 DraySchool course will meet you once again in Portugal
2017-07-31 DrayDDNS, a new DDNS service introduced by DrayTek
2017-07-13 VigorACS 2, the New Centralized Management System Ready for Announcement
2017-07-04 DrayTek's interview with DIGITAL VOICE was published
2017-06-27 Join us at DrayTek workshops in July
2017-06-07 New VDSL2 Bonding Security Firewall Router - Vigor2862B/Bn
2017-06-05 One-day training about DrayTek line
2017-05-25 DraySchool training on June 7-8 in the USA
2017-05-24 Brazil webinar about Network security
2017-05-24 Dragon Boat Festival (27th May to 30th May) in Taiwan
2017-05-08 DraySchool training in Portugal is coming
2017-04-27 Latest products and functions seminars in Italy
2017-04-11 Vigor2952 Series reviewed by PC Magazine, Greece
2017-03-08 DrayTek will present the latest network solutions at Cebit 2017
2017-03-07 DrayTek xDSL models are reported on Greece PC Magazine
2017-02-24 Vigor2860ac, VigorAP902 and VigorAP910C get the positive review by MREŽA magazine in Croatia
2017-02-24 2017 DrayTek Solution Day on March 9 in Indonesia
2017-02-24 Hello Sri Lanka! DrayTek workshop on March 7
2017-02-22 2017 DrayTek Solution Day on March 2 in Thailand
2017-02-07 DrayTek Webinar in Brazil to unveil the 2017 product line
2017-02-02 PoE Router - Vigor2952P, Dual WAN Security Firewall Router
2017-01-23 Lunar New Year Holiday (27th Jan. to 1st Feb.) in Taiwan
2017-01-11 Simple and Practical Function - Central Management for VigorSwitch
2016-12-23 DrayTek will showcase at Yangon ICT Fair 2017
2016-12-23 DIGITAL VOICE magazine interview to talk about DrayTek
2016-12-19 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
2016-12-13 Vigor2860Ln is recommended by BizTech, a famous ICT magazine in Greece
2016-11-22 Our products successfully pass the test in Deutsche Telekom
2016-10-12 DrayTek win PC Pro Excellence Awards 2016
2016-09-23 Is PPTP really insecure ?
2016-09-23 Enabling Zenmate VPN suite on DrayTek router to secure your Wi-Fi
2016-09-14 Happy Moon Festival
2016-09-14 Welcome to visit us at TIDE 2016
2016-08-24 DrayTek will showcase at IFA 2016
2016-08-23 DrayTek will showcase at IFSEC Southeast Asia
2016-08-03 DrayTek x TVC will hold training in Mexico
2016-07-06 DrayTek launches firmware version 1.1.10 for VigorACS SI
2016-06-30 DrayTek will showcase the Vigor SMB routers along with 2016 TAITRA's IEP events
2016-06-22 DrayTek will showcase at Edox 2016
2016-06-08 Dual WAN Security Firewall Router -- Vigor2952n
2016-06-08 VDSL2 Hybrid NIC -- VigorNIC 132 Series
2016-06-07 Dragon Boat Festival (9th Jun to 12th Jun.)
2016-05-09 DrayTek will Showcase at SVIAZ 2016
2016-05-03 MyVigor Service will be Temporarily Unavailable in May 4th, 2016
2016-05-03 Dual WAN Security Firewall Router -- Vigor2952
2016-05-03 A Network Card ? A Router?
2016-04-09 DrayTek Training Workshop at Atlanta-Alpharetta, GA on April 19th
2016-03-08 DrayTek Training Workshop at Phoenix, AZ on March 31.
2016-03-07 DrayTek partners with DVCom to host Channel Champ campaign in Dubai
2016-03-07 DrayTek partners with SDGroup Technology to run “In Search of Dr. DrayTek”in South Africa
2016-03-03 Sawasdee Thai! DrayTek is coming on March 15, 2016.
2016-03-01 DrayTek will Showcase at CeBIT 2016 Hannover
2016-02-17 Setup a simple SSL VPN with DrayTek SmartVPN client on iOS/Android
2016-02-16 DrayTek products BT SIN 498 Approved
2016-01-13 DrayTek Technology Wins the 24th TAIWAN EXCELLENCE Award
2015-12-01 Get Fast and Reliable mobile connectivity with Vigor2860L/Ln
2015-08-31 802.11ac ceiling-mount VigorAP 910C launched
2015-08-11 DrayTek Vigor2860ac Combo WAN Router reviewd by PC Authority, Australia
2015-07-08 Vigor2925ac Launched
2015-07-07 Upcoming Firmware version 1.1.0 on Vigor3900/Vigor300B
2015-06-18 DrayTek Unified Management and Vigor SMB routers will be showcased at TAIWAN EXCELLENCE Experiencing Zone in Manila, the Philippines
2015-06-18 New Launch of Firmware version 1.1.0 on Vigor2960
2015-06-09 DrayTek Unified Management and Vigor FTTx routers will be showcased in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2015-05-27 DrayTek Unified Management and Vigor FTTx routers will be showcased at Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone in Hanoi, Vietnam
2015-04-22 DrayTek Unified Management and Vigor SMB routers will be showcased at SMAU TORINO in Italy from 29th to 30th April
2015-04-22 DrayTek Unified Management and Vigor SMB routers will be showcased at CeBIT in Sydney from 5th to 7th May
2015-04-07 DrayTek Vigor2860ac Series
2015-03-31 DrayTek's 2015 champ event in MEA- Determine to quest triumph of SI channel
2015-03-03 DrayTek Unified Management and Vigor SMB routers will be showcased at EXPO SEGURIDAD 2015
2015-03-03 MyVigor Portal System Maintenance Notification
2015-02-06 Chinese New Year Holiday (18th Feb to 23rd Feb.)
2015-01-18 DrayTek Android-based SmartVPN APP for the establishment of SSL VPN connection
2015-01-05 DrayTek will showcase SMB solutions at Asian American Expo in Los Angeles
2014-12-15 DrayTek Vigor Fiber Solutions are best choice for many game shops in Vietnam
2014-11-25 DrayTek is recommended by Broadband Communities as one of TOP 100 MDU TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS in the USA
2014-11-20 DrayTek launches firmware version 3.7.6 for DrayTek Vigor2925 series routers
2014-11-16 DrayTek launches Vigor2120n plus broadband router for SOHO using super-fast broadband
2014-10-28 DrayTek launches firmware version 1.0.9 for DrayTek Vigor2960 series routers
2014-10-23 DrayTek Wins 2014 PC Pro’s Excellence Wireless Routers in UK
2014-09-28 DrayTek Vigor routers based on DrayOS and Linux platform, VigorACS SI Central Management, MyVigor portal Safe from Shellshock bug.
2014-08-10 DrayTek Roadshows in Taiwan for the AP Management and Central Management
2014-07-14 DrayTek SMB VPN & Firewall Routers showcased at the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
2014-07-06 DrayTek VigorAP 900 and Vigor2912n showcased at TAIWAN EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCING ZONE in the Philippines
2014-06-30 DrayTek Vigor2912n and VigorAP 900 were showcased at the Happy Run (jogging) event in Jakarta
2014-06-30 DrayTek VigorAP 900 and Vigor2912n showcased at TAIWAN EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCING ZONE at Shopping Eldorado in Sao Paulo
2014-05-27 DrayTek received the visit of Innovation and Quality Director at Ministry of Economy of El Salvador from El Salvador
2014-05-12 DrayTek launches firmware version for DrayTek Vigor2760 series routers
2014-05-05 DrayTek launches firmware version 3.6.7 for DrayTek Vigor2920 series routers
2014-04-22 DrayTek launches Vigor2925Vn plus Triple WAN Router with VoIP functions
2014-04-15 DrayTek Vigor2860n VDSL2/ADSL2+ VPN router won award from PC Magazine in Greece
2014-04-15 DrayTek launches Vigor2860Vn plus Triple WAN Router with VoIP functions
2014-04-09 DrayTek launches firmware version 3.7.5 for DrayTek Vigor2912 series routers
2014-04-02 DrayTek launches firmware version for Vigor2860n series Combo WAN routers
2014-03-25 DrayTek launches firmware version 1.0.8 for Vigor300B Multi WAN Load Balancer and Vigor3900 Quad WAN router
2014-03-25 DrayTek launches firmware version 3.7.4 for DrayTek Vigor2925 series routers
2014-03-25 DrayTek launches VigorAP900 Concurrent Dual Band AP
2014-03-25 DrayTek launches VigorSwitch P1090 8-port PoE Gigabit Switch for small businesses
2014-03-16 DrayTek launches firmware version 1.0.8 for Vigor2960 series Dual WAN Security Routers
2014-03-14 DrayTek Releases Firmware Version v3.6.7 of Vigor2830 series Single Band
2014-02-06 DrayTek Vigor2860n and Vigor2860n plus are credited with "versatile functionalities for small businesses and professionals" by PC PROFESSIONALE
2014-01-24 BuyComs granted DrayTek Vigor Mid-Size business Routers with Gold Award
2014-01-20 DrayTek launches Vigor2925n plus Triple WAN router to serve more Professionals
2014-01-20 DrayTek releases firmware version 1.5.4 of Vigor2130n series
2014-01-13 DrayTek Vigor2830n plus and Vigor2830Vn plus are with firmware version
2014-01-08 DrayTek is searching for the Champion/Top Sales in U.A.E.
2014-01-06 DrayTek Vigor2830 series ADSL2/2+ Router won Gold Award from BuyCOMs in Thailand
2014-01-01 Welcome 2014! DrayTek Product Catalogue 2014 is available
2013-12-17 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
2013-12-16 DrayTek Wins the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Awards
2013-11-18 DrayTek Vigor2760 series Latest Firmware v1.2.0 Now Release
2013-11-12 DrayTek Vigor2912n Dual WAN router for teleworkers and small offices
2013-11-05 Are you a winner of the Prize Draw for Commtouch GlobalView Web Content Filter (WCF)?
2013-11-04 DrayTek Vigor2860n plus Combo WAN router with IPv6 for super-fast broadband
2013-10-27 DrayTek release new firmware of Vigor130, Vigor2830 series and Vigor2925 series
2013-10-07 DrayTek Vigor2860n is with great recognition by Expert Reviews in the UK
2013-09-12 DrayTek Releases the Latest Firmware V1.0.7 for Vigor2960 and 3900
2013-08-27 Purchase Vigor2860 and Win a 12-month Free WCF License Key
2013-08-27 DrayTek Releases the Latest Firmware V3.7.3 of Vigor2860 Series
2013-08-26 DrayTek joined TAIWAN Excellence Project in Sao Paulo Brazil
2013-08-02 2013 Prize Draw
2013-07-24 DrayTek joined TAIWAN EXCELLENCE SHOWCASE projects initiated by The Ministry of Economy
2013-04-26 DrayTek Best Load Balancer- Vigor300B
2013-02-05 DrayTek receives the Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award
2013-02-04 DrayTek Makes the Vigor3200 Series IPv6 Ready for the Business Network
2013-01-21 Latest updates of DrayTek’s Central Management solution - VigorACS SI
2013-01-18 DrayTek Vigor Routers Got ANRT approval in Morocco
2013-01-08 DrayTek Wins the 21st Taiwan Excellence Awards