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DrayTek Seminar about the upcoming outdoorAP

Oct 06, 2017



DrayTek Seminar in Crete and Athens

LEXIS SA, our distributor in Greece, will hold two DrayTek product seminars in October, 19th in Crete and 20th in Athens. The seminars are half-day events to present the latest DrayTek products and networking solutions. During the event, participants will have a chance to learn more about VigorAP920R, our upcoming outdoor access point which provides great Wi-Fi performance and can withstand several weather conditions. For detailed information about seminars, please contact [email protected]


Seminar Information

Seminar 1

Time:October 19, 2017

Location:GALAXY Hotel, Heraklion Crete


Seminar 2

Time:October 20, 2017

Location:LEXIS SA, Athens Greece