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DrayTek Unified Management and Vigor SMB routers will be showcased at EXPO SEGURIDAD 2015

Mar 03, 2015

draytek expo

DrayTek Unified Management ranges from VigorACS SI Central Management, Central VPN Management, to Central AP Management for managed service providers, resellers, system integrators, and Telcos to massively deploy Vigor SMB routers which are equipped with xDSL/FTTx/Gigabit Ethernet/USB WAN ports as well as LTE WAN.

In the era of O2O and Internet of Thing (IoT), DrayTek can provide security for professionals, business offices, hospitalities via the robust firewall and VPN connections. The managed service providers can deploy Vigor SMB routers for those who subscribe broadband and require stable connection. Many companies can easily install Vigor routers because system integrators or resellers utilize VigorACS SI Central Management to monitor connections and proceed firmware upgrade and VPN establishment. The multi-national companies can adopt Vigor routers for multi-site business operations through cloud-based VigorACS SI Central Management or Central VPN Management. The Central AP Management facilitates the massive deployment of VigorAP wireless access points.

DrayTek does not only develop latest ICT solutions but also offer customer-oriented services to customers. We established channel partners with profound management in order to assure customers with better services and solutions. We served customers with quality routers with highly-integrated features such as SSL VPN, QoS, bandwidth management, user management and content-security management (CSM). With the ITU announcement of G.Fast, we will keep path of developing solutions for managed service providers/Telcos to deploy FTTx with least cost but best quality.

DrayTek consecutively won TAIWAN EXCELLENCE AWARD in terms of brand promise and brand delivery to customers. The Vigor3900 and Vigor2960 series are designed for mid-size companies. The Vigor2925 and Vigor2860 series are ideal for professionals and small business offices. Our Vigor2912n and Vigor2120n plus are suitable for remote offices and home workers. The VigorAP professional wireless access points are highly-welcome by office networks and hospitalities due to the fact that DrayTek can provide the Central AP Management for network administrators to easily massive deploy wireless access point and properly manage load-balancing for wireless data traffic. At booth No. 1901 inside (TVC booth), we will look forward to having your visit and you will learn more about the in-depth benefits of DrayTek solutions! Our exclusive distributor, TVC en Linea, will co-exhibit DrayTek solutions with professionalism.

Central Management for remotely-deployed routers and wireless access points

VigorACS SI is a powerful centralized management system which lets System Integrators manage DrayTek's devices more convenient in the future. TR069-based VigorACS SI with user-friendly interface can help user maintain the configuration of devices easily. As a "value-added" service provider, the System Integrator can assist user to set up VPN connections, VoIP services and cost down customer maintenance fee by approaching real time message from VigorACS SI.

In addition, the easy-to-understand logic management also can easily let new IT staff on board for analyzing/serving customers. VigorACS system integrator version simplifies management tasks through product type and functionalities of features such as IPsec /PPTP VPN settings. Less technical background is required to fulfill the VPN environment by using the VPN Wizard than setting up the complex parameters of IPsec or PPTP. Through "Self-hosted" or "Cloud-based" subscription, the deployed DrayTek Vigor routers can be managed for firmware upgrade, VPN establishment, realtime monitoring and obtain proper customer care.

Because most of Vigor series routers are deployed by business customers and professionals, we implement Central VPN Management on Vigor3900, Vigor2960, Vigor2925, and Vigor2860 series to let their network administrator promptly set up VPN establishment with the remote offices. The supported nodes:

Model  Vigor 2860/2925  Vigor 2960   Vigor 3900 


Maximum number of CPE

8 12 16

Our Central AP Management on Vigor2925 and Vigor2860 series can motivate network administrators to deploy VigorAP 810 and VigorAP 900 series wireless access points for extending coverage and services to employees and/or customers. The VigorAP 810 and VigorAP 900 are the client for the AP management. The network administrator can directly configure the VigorAP 900s through selected Vigor routers. Taking the Vigor2860 series as an example, the administrator can define the VigorAP 900's SSID, encryption rule, Mac Address control, upload/download limit right from the router. The status of the VigorAP 900s can also be viewed via the router. The wireless load balancing can be managed as well.

Mid-size Business Solutions

Vigor3900 Multi WAN VPN concentrator, is an enterprise-level VPN concentrator providing security and cost savings benefits for business through flexible, reliable, and high-performance LAN-to-LAN and remote-access solutions. Vigor3900 not only offers hundreds of VPN tunnels compatible with multiple VPN protocols, such as PPTP/L2TP/IPsec/L2TP over IPSec to satisfy LAN-to-LAN and remote secure communication needs, but also provide SSL VPN* connectivity to better facilitate remote users to access corporate database. With multiple Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN and active fiber interfaces, Vigor3900 offers unprecedented data transmission speed for mission-critical applications and do load-balancing for WAN and VPN failover to enhance performance, redundancy and reliability of business operation. DrayTek’s Vigor2960 and Vigor2960F are business grade VPN Firewall routers that support secure super fast broadband with Dual WAN load-balancing and fail-over, and other advanced network management functions. Vigor2960 comes with two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and four Gigabit LAN ports. The Vigor2960F is designed with one SFP WAN and one Gigabit Ethernet WAN. The Vigor2960 and Vigor2960F both incorporate an innovative concept of a Central VPN Gateway, providing secure connectivity for businesses. The Vigor2960 series support up to 200 VPN tunnels and 100 SSL VPN tunnels simultaneously. Using the GRE over IPSec VPN technology, the multi-WAN capability of both Vigor2960 and Vigor2960F allow high bandwidth VPN tunnels to be formed from Dual-WANs, and to provide bandwidth backup between multi-site offices.

SOHO/Small Business Solutions

With DrayTek solutions, your office can obtain reliable and secure access to the Cloud-connected world. The embedded robust firewall and multi-protocol VPN will ensure your office network with secure online activities. You can apply versatile firewall rules to prevent your employee from unwanted web sites. The CSM (content security management) allows you to help employees not be distracted by inappropriate contents. The VPN functionalities of DrayTek SMB can let you establish LAN-to-LAN VPN connection between offices. With remote access, you can let teleworkers dial VPN into your main office.

The VigorAP 900 Concurrent Dual Band AP is designed for you to establish an extendable and stable wireless network for your employees and/or guests. DrayTek VigorAP 900 is equipped with 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE-PD) for easier deployment within business complex and/or hospitality. The VigorAP 900 supports 4 SSIDs and two virtual LANs (VLANs). You can separate the public and corporate network to reduce risk. If you do not require 5GHz, you can consider DrayTek VigorAP 810 which is an IEEE 802.11n wireless access point. DrayTek is going to launch IEEE802.11ac wireless access point soon after CeBIT. The Central AP Management on Vigor2925 and Vigor2860 series facilitates the massive deployment of VigorAP 810 and VigorAP 900 for office networks and hospitalities.

With the combination of multiple WAN ports, you can choose Vigor2860 or Vigor2925 series for fixed broadband and/or mobile broadband for load-balancing and failover to assure smooth business operations. In addition, you can decide mobile broadband to be primary connection while your premise might easily subscribe 3.5G/4G LTE mobile. Or, you can subscribe super-fast fixed broadband such as FTTx, xDSL, cable connection for your needs. The Vigor2860 series and Vigor2925 series have TWO USB ports where you can connect TWO USB mobiles. The VPN trunk on Vigor2860 series and Vigor2925 series let your business operations utilize VPN load-balancing and VPN backup for business continuity and better security.

DrayTek Vigor2912 series routers are designed for home users, home offices and remote offices which adopted cable, ADSL2/2+, VDSL2, FTTx, or Ethernet-fed high-speed Internet. The Vigor2912 series cover Vigor2912 and Vigor2912n (with 2.4GHz WLAN), and Vigor2912F (with SFP port for Fiber connection). The USB port of Vigor2912 series allow you to connect one USB mobile. With USB mobile, you can let 3.5G/4G (LTE) become backup for the Ethernet WAN ports. Sometimes, your remote office might not be able to subscribe fixed line broadband. You can subscribe 3.5G/4G LTE mobile as primary broadband connection.

With "Wireless/Station Control" deployed on the f/w 3.7.5 of Vigor2912n, you can let some cafe and small shops offer free "Wi-Fi" Internet but you still can register the Mac Addresses of their smart phone or tablet PCs.

DrayTek Vigor2120n plus and Vigor2120 broadband router are equipped with ONE Gigabit WAN and One USB WAN for connection to 3.5G/ 4G LTE USB mobile. The Vigor2120n plus is ideal for home and teleworkers.

Working with DrayTek Network Traffic Analyzer and Central Management

The Vigor3900, Vigor2960, Vigor2925, Vigor2860 series, Vigor2912 series support DrayTek’s SmartMonitor network traffic analyzer, which captures actual live data of activities in your managed network. You can track specified files download/upload or view statistics on data type activities to realize what corporate related information have been released accidentally or on purpose. If your main office self-hosts VigorACS SI central management, your Vigor series routers can be remotely managed for firmware upgrade, alarm of disconnection, VPN establishment and other settings.

We are looking forward to having your visit!!

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Product Info: http://www.tvc.mx/shop/catalog/index.php?cPath=33&osCsid=a4d6eec335f05cc2629e5fae1ce9d747

Web Site of EXPO SEGURIDAD :http://exposeguridad.infoexpo.com.mx/2015/ae/web/plano/public?lan=EN&view=1 [TVC : 1901]

Time of EXPO SEGURIDAD: 28-30th April 2015

Venue: inside the booth No.: 1901



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