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How to set up Windows 7 clients not to validate server certificate when doing 802.1X authentication?

By default, 802.1X authentication on Window 7 consists of not only client authentication, but also server authentication, which requires the server (here is the VigorAP) to provide certificate information to the client. However, if the model or the firmware version does not support Certificate Configuration yet, we may set up the Windows client not to verify the server's identity, and still do 802.1X authentication with VigorAP.

(Since version 1.1.7, VigorAP supports Certificate Configuration which can generate the required certificate itself, and use it for 802.1X authentication, visit here to see how to set up 802.1X authentication with server certificate. For doing 802.1X authentication with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, refer to the article here)


Configuring the VigorAP

1. On VigorAP, go to Wireless LAN >> Security Settings, choose “WPA2/802.1X” as wireless security mode, then click on “RADIUS Sever” and enable “Use Internal RADIUS


2. Go to RADIUS Setting >> RADIUS Server Configuration, Enable RADIUS Server and set PEAP as RADIUS EAP Type, then add user profile for clients to login.


Windows 7 Client Connecting

3. On Windows 7 wireless clients, go to Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center >> Set up a new connection or network


4. Select Manually connect to a wireless network, then click Next


5. Enter the SSID of Vigor AP in Network name, select WPA2-Enterprise as Security type, and then click Next.


6. Click Change connection settings


7. In Security tab, click Settings, un-check Validating server certificate. Click Configure... and un-check Automatically use my Windows logon name and password(and domain if any) then click OK.


8. Click Advanced settings, enable Specify authentication mode, and choose User or computer authentication, then click OK.


9. After finished the settings, connect to the wireless network.


10. When being prompted for the credentials, type the username and password that configured on VigorAP's RADIUS settings, then you will join the network.

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