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Windows Smart VPN Client to Vigor3900 - SSL VPN

SSL VPN Tunnel Performance on Vigor2960/3900 has been improved with the new firmware version 1.0.9. This document introduces how to setup SSL VPN Tunnel on Vigor2960/3900 and how to create SSL VPN Tunnel on Windows Smart VPN Client.

Configuring Vigor3900 as SSL VPN Server

1. Go to VPN and Remote Access >>Remote Access Control to check if SSL Tunnel Service is enabled.


2. Go to System Maintenance >> Access Control, and select Enable for HTTPS Allow if SSL VPN port and HTTPS port are the same.


3. Go to User Management >>User Profile, click Add to create a new User Profile with SSL Tunnel enabled.


Configuring Smart VPN Client

1. Run Smart VPN Client and insert a new VPN profile:

  1. Enter VPN Server IP or Hostname as the IP/Hostname of Vigor3900.
  2. Enter User Name and Password
  3. Select Type of VPN as SSL VPN Tunnel
  4. Click OK to save

2. Select Authentication Method as AUTO and select “Automatically get IP address & DNS server” then click OK.


3. Click Connect to establish SSL VPN Tunnel.

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