[Vigor3900] How to separate SSL VPN service from HTTPS Management?

Since 1.3.0 version firmware, Vigor3900 supports the separated Port for SSL VPN service. That means we can use SSL VPN service without enabling HTTPS management from WAN now. This feature can reduce the interfaces open to the internet and make the Vigor3900 more secure. The following shows the configurations to achieve the purpose.

1. Go to System Maintenance >> Access Control >> Management Port Setup.

Change default HTTPS Port from 443 to the other one, such as 4433.


2. Ensure SSL VPN Tunnel service is enabled in VPN and Remote Access Control >> Remote Access Control page.


3. Create User Profile for SSL VPN.


After above configurations, SSL VPN can be established without enabling HTTPS Management from WAN.

Of course, we can change the SSL VPN Port from default port 443 to the other also. When doing this change, please remember to specify the SSL VPN port on the SSL VPN Client.

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