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Mac Smart VPN to Vigor3900 - SSL VPN

This note is going to demonstrate how to use Smart VPN on macOS and establish an SSL VPN between a Macbook and a Vigor3900.

Configuring Vigor3900 as VPN server

  1. Go to User Management >> User Profile, and click Add

  1. Give a Username and Password
  2. Enable the profile
  3. Enable SSL Tunnel in PPTP/L2TP/SSL Server tab
  4. Click Apply to save

Configuring Smart VPN on Mac

  2. Open Mac SmartVPN, and click the setting icon then select Basic for Certificate verify level.


  3. Click '+' to create a VPN profile

  1. Give a profile name
  2. For Server, type Vigor3900's WAN IP or domain name
  3. Type SSL VPN port, which is 443 by default
  4. Type the Username

       e.  Click Authentication Settings...

       f.  Type the password and click OK


  4. Click Connect and Allow the access to the confidential information.


After VPN is established, we can see the connection status in Smart VPN




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