What should I do if Smart VPN Client displays error message "Can't find VPPP adapter !!!" when connecting SSL VPN?

DrayTek SSL VPN provides secure VPN tunnel by SSL connection. It requires DrayTek Virtual PPP adapter on Windows to provider such service. The driver is installed during Smart VPN client installation. However, sometimes the error may occurs while establishing the SSL VPN connection.


This application note describes how to solve this problem, please follow the steps to get over it.


Check the VPPP Adapter on Device Manager

1. Right click the Start menu, then click Device Manager.



2. Expand the Network adapters category, check whether the DrayTek Virtual PPP Adapter is on the list.

  • Yes: Please follow the paragraph below to install it manually.
  • No: Please re-install the Smart VPN Client again. If the problem still exist, please follow the paragraph below to install it manually.



Install VPPP Adapter Manually

1. Right click on the icon on the top of the list, then click Add legacy hardware.



2. Click Next on the welcome message page.



3. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced), click Next.



4. Select Network adapters, click Next.



5. Click Have Disk… to choose the file on the disk.



6. Go to the location where you install the Smart VPN Client, then go to driver >> X64 folder.
(Default, 64bit platform: C:\Program Files (x86)\DrayTek\Smart VPN Client\driver\X64 ; 32bit platform: C:\Program Files\DrayTek\Smart VPN Client\driver\ )



7. Select VPPP.inf , click Open.



8. Click OK.



9. Click Next.



10. Click Next to install.



11. Click Install on the pop out confirm window.



12. Click Finish to end the installing, then restart your computer.


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