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Vigor Router to Zyxel VMG - IPsec

This application note demonstrates how to establish IPsec VPN tunnel between Vigor router and Zyxel VMG router by the following topology.


Vigor Router Setting

1. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> IPsec General Setup, and enter Pre-Shared Key

enter Pre-Shared Key    

2. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> LAN to LAN, and click an available index,

  1. Give Profile Name
  2. Enable the profile
  3. Select Dial-In as Call Direction
vpn dialin setting    

    d. Allow IPsec Tunnel in Dial-In Settings

    e. Enter VMG router network in TCP/IP Network Settings>Remote Network IP/Mask

vigor vpn setting    

Zyxel VMG router settings

1. Go IPsec VPN Setup page and click Add New Connection

2. Click Active

  1. Give an IPsec Connection Name
  2. Enter Vigor router's WAN IP or domain in Remote IPsec Gateway Address
  3. Select Subnet for Tunnel access from local IP addresses and enter VMG network
  4. Select Subnet for Tunnel access from remote IP addresses and enter Vigor network
  5. Enter Pre-Shared Key
vmg vpn setting    

3. Click more in IKE Advanced Settings

  1. Select Main Mode
  2. Phase1 Algorithm will be AES128_SHA1_G2, and key lifetime is 86400(s)
  3. Phase2 Algorithm will be AES128_SHA1, and key lifetime is 3600(s)
vmg vpn con    

Dial VPN

Switch to IPsec VPN Monitor page and click Trigger


Then we can see the VPN status after VPN is connected

vpn up        
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