Vigor Router to Teltonika RUT950 Router - GRE Tunnel

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Generic Routing Encapsulation is a simple IP packet encapsulation protocol. A GRE tunnel is used when sending the IP packets from one network to another, without being parsed by any intervening routers. Vigor Routers support GRE tunnel also and this document will introduce how to set up GRE tunnel between Vigor Router and Teltonika RUT950.

(This setup applies to most of the models. For Vigor3900 and Vigor2960, please refer to the article here.)


Teltonika RUT950 Router Setup

1. Configure the LAN network.


2.Go to GRE Tunnel page and edit the profile as follows:

a. Enter Vigor Router's WAN IP as the Remote endpoint IP address

b. Enter Vigor Router's LAN network and netmask in Remote network and Remote network netmask field

c. Enter Local Tunnel IP (this is the GRE IP) and the Local tunnel netmask as 32

d. Enter MTU 1400



 3. Select Disable NAT in GRE Tunnel Configuration




Vigor Router Setup

1.Go to VPN and Remote Access >> LAN to LAN page, click an available index number, and edit the profile as follows.

a. In Common Settings,

-Give a Profile Name and Enable this profile

-Select GRE Tunnel

b. In GRE Settings,

-Enter Peer GRE IP (It is the GRE IP of Teltonika RUT950 router)

c. In TCP/IP Network Settings:

-Enter Remote Gateway IP as Teltonika RUT950's WAN IP.

-Enter Remote Network IP/Mask as the Teltonika RUT950's LAN network.

-Enter Local Network IP/Mask as the Vigor Router's LAN network.



 2. GRE tunnel will be up as soon as we finish the configurations. We may go to VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management page to check the tunnel status.



3. We may use Ping tool to check the connectivity on Vigor Router or the Teltonika RUT950 router.



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