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How to establish IPsec tunnel with Xauth PSK from iPhone/iPad/Android phone?

IPSec tunnel is a common and easy to deploy VPN protocol, however, some people may consider the tunnel built up with pre-shared key is not secure enough. In order to enhance the IPSec tunnel, we can use Xauth to achieve the purpose, it will require the VPN client with not only pre-shared, but also username and password for authentication. This article demonstrates how to create IPsec tunnel with Xauth between Vigor Router and iOS/macOS/Android.

Vigor Router setup

1. Go to VPN and Remote Access>>IPsec General Setup, and enter Pre-Shared Key for Xauth User


2. Go to VPN and Remote Access>>Remote Dial-in User, and click an available index

  1. Enable this account
  2. Give Username and Password
  3. Allow IPsec Xauth dial-in type

iOS setting

Go to Settings >> General >> VPN and tab Add VPN Configuration...

  1. Select IPsec as Type
  2. Enter VPN server domain or IP at Server
  3. Enter Account and Password
  4. Enter pre-shared key in Secret

    e. Select the profile and switch it on


macOS setting

Go to System Preferences >> Network and click '+',

  1. Select VPN as Interface
  2. Select Cisco IPsec as VPN type
  3. Give Service Name and click Create

      d. Enter VPN server domain or IP in Server Address

      e. Enter Account Name and Password, then click Authentication Settings...


    f. Enter Preshared Key in Shared Secret and click OK


    g. Click Connect to start VPN connection


Android Setting

Go to Settings >> More >> VPN and tab Add VPN profile

  1. Select IPSec Xauth PSK as TYPE
  2. Enter VPN server domain or IP in SERVER ADDRESS
  3. Enter Preshared Key at IPSEC PRE-SHARED KEY and tab SAVE

      d. Tab the profile

      e. Enter username and password

      f. Tab Connect


The VPN status can be seen by tabbing Connected VPN profile.


Router shows VPN status on VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management page.

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