How to upgrade the firmware for VoIP module?

The following steps show how to upgrade the firmware for only the VoIP module of a VigorIPPBX router.

1. First, we need to enable the Web User Interface of VoIP Module (Vigor3300V). Telnet to your IPPBX router, and type command “sys admin drayteker” and then “sys VoipWebAct -e 1”. It should reply “!! Voip Module WUI enable !!”. Then type “sys re” to restart the router.


2. Open a browser and enter (which is the default IP address of VoIP module) in the address bar. Log in by entering username and password (which are draytek and 1234 by default).

3. Go to System >> Firmware Upgrade. Select the firmware for Vigor3300 (The file name should be similar to “V3kxxxxx_en.all”), then click Apply.

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