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How to configure Single IP Management on VigorSwitch P2261?

This article explains the SIP (Single IP Management) function on Vigor Switch P2261. There will be two switches–one will be the Master, and Slave for the other one.

What is Single IP Management?

SIP manages Virtual Stack switches in the same group by utilizing one single switch. SIP is able to manage up to 32 switches at the same time without limitations of models, distance, and transmission medium.

Requirements of Single IP Management

Each SIP group must include one Master Switch and up to 32 Slave Switches. Users can consider the Master Switch as an agent, and use it to manage other 32 Slave Switches. SIP identifies whether these switches are in the same group based on the Group Name, and the Group Name consists of up to 64 characters. The Management VLAN of all the switches in the same SIP group must be the same, so the group can work properly.

Configuring Single IP Managment

1. Choose the Master Switch, and enable SIP function on it. On the Web UI, go to Configuration > Single IP > General Setup. In the Mode drop-down menu, select Master, and then click Apply.


2. Enable SIP function on other Slave Switches in the same SIP group. Go to Configuration > Single IP > General Setup. In the Mode drop-down menu, select Slave, and then press Apply.


3. Monitor the Members in the SIP group.
After enabling SIP function on all switches, Master Switch will send a packet every 5 seconds to detect whether a Slave Switch wants to join the SIP group. After a Slave Switch joining the group, it must acknowledge Master Switch with a Keep-Alive packet in 30 seconds (effective time of a Slave Switch). Otherwise, Master Switch will kick the Slave Switch out from the SIP group.
Administrator can go to Configuration >Single IP >Information to view which Slave Switch has joined the group.


4. Manage the Slave Switch.
Hoping to use SIP to implement remote management of devices, administrator can go to Configuration > Single IP > Information. Click the number of Index to open a new window tab, which connects to the Slave Switch. (The web address displayed by SIP is The IP address represents the web address of Master Switch, and SLV0XX is a string used for identifying each Slave Switch. For example, SLV001 represents the Slave Switch with ID 1 in the group.)

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